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    Raiden Mckaylin: Kitsune [Finished]

    Raiden Mckaylin
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    Raiden Mckaylin: Kitsune [Finished]

    Post  Raiden Mckaylin on Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:50 am

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    First Name: Raiden (He likes to be called Rai by people that he becomes friends with)
    Last Name: Mckaylin

    Race: Kitsune
    Gender: Male
    Age: 250
    Height: 4' 3"
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Birthday: October 31
    Relationships: Mother: Nina (Alive), Father: Mortimer (Alive), Little Brother: Allen (Deceased), Older Sister: Luna (Alive)

    Province: Luminarium
    Level: 3
    Element: Light
    Specialization: First Aid, Herbalism, Cooking Weapon wise he is better with blades, and he uses Kitsune Magic.

    Personality: Raiden wouldn't really classify himself as evil just a little twisted. Raiden enjoys to see other people in as much pain as they can stand basically he enjoys to torture both physical and emotional but he  prefers to use physical torture on people but that doesn't make him evil. Also because he enjoys to cause people pain he prefers males over females because males always seemed to last longer whenever they were Raiden's victim. Raiden doesn't try to kill the people he chooses to torture in fact if Raiden thinks that his torture is too much for the victim then he will stop and try his best to wrap up any wounds that he may of created. Torture isn't all that he does he is also somewhat nice to people as long as they are nice to him but if others aren't nice to him then he will try to attack them. Also if he becomes friends with someone he will try his best to make them stay with him but if they do stop talking to him or stab him in the back then he will try to torture them in one of the worst ways which is attacking their psychological and emotional state by causing harm to him self which is something he doesn't mind doing and he does enjoy it but not as much as he enjoys harming other people. Since he has such a twisted personality it is difficult for him to make friends and majority of the time Raiden is actually pretty lonely.

    Motivation: What motivates Raiden to get up each day is him knowing that the world is full of people that he can torture in numerous ways. But he also on occasion tries to look for friends, however making friends never lasts and he gets bored. He thinks people are much better then they are in pain so he tries to hurt them but not kill them he doesn't to kill anyone ever again. Another thing that could be seen as a form of motivation is Raiden wanting to see his parents again even though he knows he can't because it would mean him having to tell them that he killed his little brother. A final thing that would motivate Raiden is making sure he doesn't get caught because if he were to get caught it could mean being banished from the Kitsune village that he is currently living in.

    Raiden also strives to be a good person to be some that people see as a good person and someone that they can trust and be friends with. Although making friends does sometimes bore him it is still nice to have someone that cares about him enough to call him a friend. He is trying to be like his siblings in order to get someone to care about him because back at his old home his brother and sister seemed to get the most love from their parents. Raiden is a good person with a bad habit and he tries his best to be a good person and he tries to keep his bad habit hidden from people as much as he can. He doesn't want to scare people away because that would mean that he would be alone.

    Starting Stats

    Health: 20
    Magic: 18
    Stamina: 5 (+2)
    Strength: 10
    Agility: 7

    Weapons: 5
    Hand-to-hand: 5


    History: Raiden began his activities when he was about 50 years old but it isn't his fault that he started this. Raiden was the middle child which means that he didn't get that much attention from his parents who would either be spending time with the older more sophisticated older sibling or the younger more reckless younger sibling who seems to always be causing trouble. On top of being somewhat neglected Raiden was also the smallest  out of his siblings. This made Raiden feel like he would never be able to do anything as good as they could. Eventually it got to the point where he couldn't take it anymore and that he had to get revenge on his siblings for making him suffer like this and for making him feel alone. Raiden first lured his brother to his room when their parents were out with his sister. When they were in his room Raiden pulled out a kitchen knife that he had stole from the kitchen a few days before. He managed to hold his brother on the ground and take one of his arms and slowly remove the flesh from it. Hear his brothers screams and his hopeless pleas for Raiden to let him go just make Raiden smile and occasionally giggle. Since it was Raiden's first time that he has used a knife and he ended up cutting him self a few times which of course hurt him but it he was too busy getting his revenge on his little brother.

    After some time had passed and Raiden moved from limb to limb cutting off all the flesh from his little brother's limbs something seemed off. His brother wasn't screaming or pleading for his life anymore. Raiden then looked at his brothers face and saw that his eyes seemed lifeless Raiden had killed him. Raiden was now freaking out he never meant to kill his brother he just wanted his brother to feel what he had felt for so long. Raiden could feel that the loss of blood from his cuts was beginning to take affect and he could lose consciousness at any moment so he knew he didn't have any time to waste. Raiden too the knife and rinsed it and wiped it down that way his fingerprints and any blood would not be on it then he went through and tried to make their house as messy as possible.

    Eventually he did end up passing out then a half an hour later the rest of their family returned home to see their house was torn apart. Raiden's parents immediately went looking for their children in the house and found one of them dead while the other was on the verge of it. They took Raiden to the nearest shaman where he was saved. After Raiden recovered he was questioned by his parents about what happened that night. Of course he lied about what happened and said that the only thing he remembered was a man dressed in primarily black but was also wearing a little red to try and not get caught by his parents. His parents believed him thinking that he would never do something like that and they also saw him as just a child.

    A few years after the incident Raiden left his home and set off on his own. Raiden was able to find a different Kitsune village and that is where he now lives. However on occasion some people in the village do go missing for a few days and they end up coming back with wounds that they don't remember receiving... But Raiden knows how they got there it was the same man... The man that didn't wear mainly black with a little read but red with a little black.

    RP Sample: Raiden waked down the stairs to the basement of his house and smiled as he light a fire in order to keep the smell of blood away and said "Hello there friend! Did you sleep well? which was then followed by him giggling the person he was talking to was another Kitsune male that he held captive and tied up the Kitsune had some bandaged wrapped around his arms and legs the Kitsune just glared at Raiden and didn't answer him although he was able to reply. Raiden then said "Hmph fine then if you won't talk to me then we can get right to the fun!" Raiden then opened a draw that was in the basement and pulled out a simple knife as he said "Hmmm today I think I will try a method called pain and confusion.. I bet you can't guess why I call it that!" Again the Kitsune remained quiet which started to annoy Raiden as he said "Okay fine I will show you!" Raiden then cut the Kitsune across his chest which caused it to let out a scream from the new pain that he was feeling. Raiden said "That's the pain!... And this is the confusion!" Raiden then gently kissed the Kitsune then he walked over and put the blade away while giggling. Raiden also go some bandages for the new cut he had made on his victim.

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