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    Post  Mina May on Mon Jul 06, 2015 12:13 am

    Name: Chi
    Breed: Snow Rabbit
    Species: Rabbit
    Age: 5
    Sex: Female
    Level: 1
    Weight: 5 pounds
    Height: 1'
    Mountable: No
    Carry capacity: 2 pounds
    Element: Water
    Specialization: Can sniff out herbs (+10 to herblore)
    Job: Chi acts like a vessel for Mina to use her spells. Mina mainly uses Chi to grow and attack her enemies.
    Downside: Chi is small and if Mina isn't careful she can squish Chi.
    Upkeep: Chi usually eats fruits and vegetables like any other rabbit
    Personality: Chi is docile and really loves her master Mina like any loyal pet would.
    -Health 10
    -Magic 10
    -Stamina 5
    -Strength 5
    -Agility 10
    History: Mina saved Chi when kids in Mina's village were throwing rocks at the poor rabbit. Chi got attached to Mina and loved her even with her bad luck. Chi doesn't care where they go as long as she can help Mina just like Mina helped her.

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    Post  forty on Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:39 pm

    Approved theres not much you can do with a rabbit, also better keep chii close just incase of wolfs or foxes.

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