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    Kitsune Poeple wip


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    Kitsune Poeple wip

    Post  forty on Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:06 pm

    The Yokai of the fox are often classed as a monster more then a race, Even if they hold humanoid features and live in villages. Most of the fox Yokai are known for there ability to transform with the aide of having a a leaf. The power of this depends on how many tails a Yokai has grown, most of them cant hide the tails or ears when they transform in to any thing. But history there has been at least Two Nine tailed Kitsune know to have hid there tails and ears and walked among the humanoid world. While these kitsune are more of shapeshifters they should not be mistaken for the more aggressive 1000 tailed kitsunes who are known for attacking villages in history.

    Kitsune all have the ability of Wil-o-wisp, a spiritual fire that burns spirits and ghosts. Where kitsune are Spirits their self they augment weapons enough that it deals damage to other spirit and ghosts with out the aid of magic.


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