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    Avril Bellevue (Finished)


    Avril Bellevue
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    Avril Bellevue (Finished)

    Post  Avril Bellevue on Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:44 pm

    Character template

    First Name: Avril
    Last Name: Bellevue

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Birthday: October 14th

    Father: Henri Bellevue - 51
    Mother: Anette Bellevue - 49
    Brother: Pierre Bellevue - 28
    Brother: Etienne Bellevue - 25
    Brother: Francis Bellevue - 24

    Province: Mendefera, Humus
    Level: 1
    Element: Light
    Specialization: Bow, Healing, Leather-working/Tailoring, Languages/Enchanting. Will also end up using a short sword.

    Personality: Having grown up in a rich family, Avril has a higher standard of living than she has means to live. Having slept on nothing but a bed and eaten nothing but chef prepared foods she is in for a rude awakening. She also has a hard time warming up to new people. She has a huge chip on her shoulder and the will to succeed. Now all she needs is some real world experience to go with it.

    Motivation: Having grown up pampered she grew accustomed to a plush lifestyle. Her family being chauvinistic however, her brothers and even her father referred to her as "The Useless One". While she did not share her father view on the status of men and women, she did inherit his pride and the comments and insults ate away at her until one night she fled home. She wanted to do right by the world and while her first thought was to become a healer, she though that it was something he chauvinistic father would expect her to do so she instead decided to brashly take up arms. She lacked experience so the guard would not accept her so she set out on her own.

    Her first experience did not go over so well but her pride remains. She is determined to learn from her mistakes and do better next time. To her, failure is not an option.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 6
    Magic: 15
    Stamina: 13 + 2 Light Bonus
    Strength: 6
    Agility: 10

    Weapons: 15
    Hand-to-hand: 5


    History: Avril was born during her parents world trip in Luminarium. She grew up pampered and lived in the lap of luxury. Throughout her entire life she had no chores or jobs to do and was constantly attended to by her personal maid. While her life should have been perfect, it was not. Her father and brothers attitudes towards her were extremely chauvinistic.

    Referred to constantly as "The Useless One", she was constantly degraded. Her father drove off anyone that she liked, and she was never able to see the outside world. If this all wasn't enough, she was informed that she would take place in an arranged marriage. The man she was to be married to came from any equally chauvinistic family. Between this and the constant insults she had had enough.

    Avril ran away the night before the wedding. She had taken with her foolishly little, and a large sum of money. At first she tried to join the Guard, but her lack of experience, and her general attitude, made it easy for them to deny her. She decided that she didn't need to be a member of the guard for her to act as one. So she went out and bought a bow and some arrows and set off to her new life as a crime fighter.

    She got her chance almost immediately. As soon as she left the city she was ambushed by bandits. She was badly beaten and had her goods and weapons stolen, but before anything atrocious could happen the bandits were driven off by the local guard. After being in the hospital for a day she got to see how bad people really had it. Instead of letting it discourage her, she has used it as motivation. She is just heading out again, hoping for better results this time.

    RP Sample: "What good is having every material object you desire when you feel imprisoned in your own house? What good is a plush lifestyle when you are being treated like a possession?" thinks Avril out loud as she quietly opens her door. "I hope everyone is asleep now..."

    Avril quietly sneaks through the halls and towards the staircase of her home carrying a small bag with her. As she descends the staircase she is careful to stay quiet. Luckily the staircase descends from the 3rd to 1st floor with only a small platform and doorway leading to the second floor on the way down. As she makes it to the front door she looks back one last time before leaving for her exciting new life.

    FaceClaim/how you found us.

    Source: Sidney

    Face Claim: Unknown. Do not believe it to be from an anime.

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    Re: Avril Bellevue (Finished)

    Post  forty on Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:46 pm

    Approved, Very well done.

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