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    Skill Training

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    Skill Training Empty Skill Training

    Post  Sidney Hawkins on Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:29 pm

    This allows for skills and spells to be improved through extensive repetitive training. Improvements can include more damage, less cost and even stronger spells derived from them that normally would not be approved for a character of your level. When a skill is improved you can choose which of the above you want it to improve in though there are some prerequisites for stronger spells/skills.

    Every 10 posts that contain a paragraph or more of training will give you 10xp and 10sp. The xp counts towards your level while the sp counts towards the specific skill that you had been training in.

    Below is a chart of how much SP it takes to improve a skill each time you do so. It should be noted that this is per skill. It should also be noted that when you use sp to improve a skill the sp does not stack when used.

    1st improvement: 10 sp
    2nd improvement: 20 sp
    3rd improvement: 30 sp
    4th improvement: 40 sp
    5th improvement: 50 sp - Must be a new skill.

    It might sound good but keep in mind that means to get a new skill that isn't level restrictive you would need at least 150 posts of training on one skill and the next skill is only stronger than the last, not necessarily all that great.

    Skill Training Sidney10

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