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    Skill of smiths.


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    Skill of smiths.

    Post  forty on Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:54 am

    Name of Quest: skilled smith.

    Name of Patron: any black smith who sees your skills.

    Starting Location: Any major towns blacksmiths

    Requested Number of Quest Takers: 1

    Items Required to Take Quest: requires level 50 blacksmithing.

    Quest Difficulty: 1 star.

    Quest Description: the local blacksmith sees your advancing skill in blacksmithing, they decide to test your skill they ask you to make a hammer out of a iron ingot with out heating it up. they also give you a wooden handle to use for the hammer. this quest takes 20-30 posts, this does not count for any smithing skill. each post requires 100 words at least. this quest is to see how dedicated to smithing you are.

    Reward: nothing or is there

    Quest Expiration Date: None


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