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    Falabella Shire

    Falabella Shire
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    Falabella Shire

    Post  Falabella Shire on Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:42 am

    First Name: Falabella
    Last Name: Shire

    Race: Half Sprite, Half Ljósálfar Light Elf
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 3’5”
    Weight: 45lb
    Birthday: Unknown. Adoption date 10-2
    Adoptive mother – Mary Shire.
    Adoptive father – Clyde Shire.
    Adoptive brother – Tokara Shire.
    Adoptive uncle – Uncle Fester

    Province: Home is a small town called Meadowbrook Lymphae located on the south-west inlet. Power over wind means that she was born in Ventus.
    Level: 1
    Element: Wind
    Specialization: Blow-dart, Throwing needles, Acupuncture, Healing, Herbalism, Entertainer (Bard), First Aid

    She is a bit of a brat, following her brother around religiously. She has a huge brother complex and doesn’t think anyone is good enough for him. Tiny in size but big in personality, she will not let anyone push her around. She hates being left behind, but will separate with her loved ones in order to learn how to better herself. She has a prankster Sprite personality most of the time, but mess with her or her family and the Elf seriousness comes out.

    Repaying her adoptive brother who saved her life when she was a baby. She will train herself to be a good healer for him, and keep him safe from harm, whether that harm comes from slutty women or monsters. She is curious about her birth parents and her heritage, but she has a family and wouldn’t trade them for anything. That doesn’t stop her from searching out Sprites and Elves and asking questions about a couple married between the races though.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 9
    Magic: 12
    Stamina: 12
    Strength: 6
    Agility: 12 + 2 (wind) 14

    weapons: 14
    Hand-to-hand: 5


    She was 2 years old when her sprite mother decided to take a trip to Lymphae to see the ice skaters. Being so young, she doesn’t remember much of what happened, but the stories have filled in the blanks. Almost reaching the south western inlet of Lymphae where the ice has spread miles out from the land, the ship was attacked by an Ikuchi. As the monster dripped oil and ignited it throughout the ship, her mother realized she was not able to properly care for her daughter in the panic. She grabbed the nearest human and begged him to take her daughter, carry her, and save her. This human was a 6 year old boy, wandering alone on the burning ship. Debris falling everywhere, the sprite mother used what she could of her magic to keep the fire off of the children. Telling them to run, she stays behind, disappearing into the fire.

    Fast forward 5 hours, and the boy is carrying this half sprite infant on the ice, walking away from the burning ship, crashed into the ice, sinking slowly. A small figure was quickly… skiing... down a hill, coming toward the children. It was a Barbagazi, coming to find any survivors lost in the ice or snow. He told us to call him Avalanche, but being unable to pronounce it, we ended up calling him Uncle Aval. He escorted us to a nearby Centaur village called Meadowbrook.

    Only a couple of survivors were to be found in the next few days, but no one known to these children, and no one willing to look these lost orphans in the eye for fear of being forced to take them in. Out of pure kindness, an older centaur couple, Mary and Clyde Shire, who had lost their own children years before, decided to take in these children and adopt them. The boy was traumatized, seeing people burning alive, and couldn’t remember his name. The baby obviously couldn’t remember much, or speak much, except a few words in Sprite, which no one could understand. The couple gave them names based on their own culture, naming the boy Tokara Shire, and the baby girl Falabella Shire.

    There were a few occasions growing up when she decided to rebel and find her birth parents, causing her to travel around looking for clues. In Ventus, she learned acupuncture and ways to use her Wind element, no word of her birth mother though. In Luminarium, looking for her birth father, she learned about her Elf heritage and the magic of music itself. Unable to find her father, she decided to head home and help her family however she could.

    Twenty years have gone past. Falabella is an adorable little spitfire of a brat. She follows her brother around, barely giving him room to breathe let alone find a girlfriend. Idolizing him to an extreme, she wants to be of help to him. She’s learning healing, though the scars on his body show that she has much to learn.

    RP Sample:

    SMACK! The wooden reed came cracking down on her shoulder.
    “Damn it!”
    SMACK! Again, when would she learn these trainers meant business? This time she didn’t speak, didn’t breathe, and didn’t even move.
    *keep calm, keep calm… F*ing monk trainers… Get me outa here…*
    “What is it this time?!?” she bellowed angrily.
    “Your mind, body and spirit are not in sync. Your every thought is being betrayed by your face. Stop glaring at me and realize I’m taking my time to train you, be grateful.” Successfully scolded, Falabella apologized.
    “When is my next acupuncture lesson, Master Xia?” Trying to sound meek and apologetic, she mainly just wants to learn more, test it out, and stop getting hit with that stick!
    Master Xia looks at her… and continues staring… until he finally sighs and decides this energy filled Sprite will never reach enlightenment through meditation. At most it’ll calm 15% of her temperament.
    “Let us start now. But you will test everything on yourself this time…” He glares at her while she looks down, blushing. “Last time Disciple Lee was blind for a week thanks to you!”
    “Yes Master Xia…” *Finally! Done with the boring and on with the cool! Took you long enough… you just enjoy hitting me with that stick… grumpy old stump…*

    [img]FaceClaim/how you found us.

    Source: Tokara Shire

    Face Claim: Amy Brown – Faerisque

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