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    Tokara Shire

    Tokara Shire
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    Tokara Shire

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    Character template

    First Name: Tokara
    Last Name: Shire

    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Height: 7'6
    Weight:320 pounds
    Birthday: 6/23
    Adoptive mother – Mary Shire.
    Adoptive father – Clyde Shire.
    Adoptive sister – Falabella Shire.
    Adoptive uncle – Uncle Fester

    Province: Home is a small town called Meadowbrook Lymphae located on the south-west inlet.
    Level: 1
    Element: Water
    Specialization: Cooking, Mining, Heavy Armor, Large Swords, Shields.

    Personality: While he is a friendly guy he has got a fighting spirit seemingly never wanting to back down from a fight. This has often gotten him in to trouble. He’s quite the horn dog when he’s not around his sister Falabella, always trying to ask women out. But due to the fact she sticks around him so much it hard getting a break from her. Thought she means well he can’t be help but pick on her a lot of the time.

    Motivation: Tokara is one of those who thinks he doesn’t need any ones help in a fight. He wishes to be strong enough to fend for himself not needing aid from anyone. But this could change after his little ambush with some bandits who stole his gear.

    Starting Stats

    Health: 12
    Magic: 6
    Stamina: 11
    Strength: 20
    Agility: 5

    Weapons: 15 +2(water)=17


    History: Being 4 years older than his adoptive sister, Tokara has more memory of his past. Most of what he can remember is blurry, but he dos remember a little bit about his father. The man was very bulky and he remembered a large beard. The day of the sea serpent attacked the ship he was being given to the ship’s crew to be a cabin boy. “captain he’s a young boy and I have grown too old to take care of him he will be as strong as an ox, he will make a fine man of the sea.” The captain and his father came to an agreement as his father set off in a small boat. The boy didn’t understand what was going on.

    The poor child would be put through more tough trials, as a sea serpent known as the Ikuchi attacked the ship off the frozen waters of Lymphae. The serpent coiled its oily body around the ship. The crew of the ship tried to fight it off but it was too late, the ship had been drenched in oil, the sound of the flames roaring made him freeze in place. But not more than a few seconds later he was handed a baby, by a sprite. She told him get her to safety so the child ran off the boat he didn’t know she was holding debris from falling on them. She would disappear in the flames that arose be hide him.

    Fast forward 5 hours, and the boy is carrying this half sprite infant on the ice, walking away from the burning ship, crashed into the ice, sinking slowly. A small figure was quickly… skiing... down a hill, coming toward the children. It was a Barbagazi, coming to find any survivors lost in the ice or snow. He told us to call him Avalanche, but being unable to pronounce it, we ended up calling him Uncle Aval. He escorted us to a nearby Centaur village called Meadowbrook.

    Only a couple of survivors were to be found in the next few days, but no one known to these children, and no one willing to look these lost orphans in the eye for fear of being forced to take them in. Out of pure kindness, an older centaur couple, Mary and Clyde Shire, who had lost their own children years before, decided to take in these children and adopt them. The boy was traumatized, seeing people burning alive, and couldn’t remember his name. The baby obviously couldn’t remember much, or speak much, except a few words in Sprite, which no one could understand. The couple gave them names based on their own culture, naming the boy Tokara Shire, and the baby girl Falabella Shire.

    Tokara was quite arrogant as a young boy he believe he could take on any foe without armor, he constantly provoked attacks from bears and wolfs easily being able wing the fights. When he was around the age of 18 he enlisted in to the mercenaries’ guild and had began training with a captain who though his ways of fighting without armor was ignorant. The day came when she finaly had enough of his arrogance and brought him down easily showing that his bare flesh was still an easy thing to rip apart. Doing this caused him to have permanent scars showing him his wrongs, after that he started to wear armor .

    Over the years Tokara has learned the importance of armor though many tough battles. So now he travels to the Humus capital to take up arms to help the city guard. However on his way there he was badly injured in an ambush from bandits they stole his gear and left him with nothing but some common cloths.

    RP Sample: While taking a break from walking, tokara set up a small camp so that way he could make it to the humus capital well rested. “man things here have gotten bad. The peacekeepers are actuly asking for recruits to take up arms. This is odd I wonder what happened.” Tokara was taking off his heavy plate armor known as the divine shield. A armor set made of fine steel strong enough to take a blow from mace and axe weapons with no damage to the armor. His sword was also a rarity made of steel and bone. His gear was a gift from his trainer as she felt he was qualified to wear it. But Tokara soon felt a sharp blow to the back of his neck knocking him out. After many hours he came too. Noticing all his coin and armor was missing he noticed he had been robbed.

    The cowardly bandits who stole his gear had left him to be food for a monster. Tokara then thought it would be high time to hoof the rest of the way to the capital. Leaving as soon as he could, he traveled as fast as he could to make it there before night time.

    FaceClaim/how you found us.

    Source: Sidney

    Face Claim: Trigun, Vash

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