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    Koroseta Mauiliu

    Koroseta Mauiliu
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    Koroseta Mauiliu

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    First Name: Koroseta
    Last Name: Mauiliu

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Height: 5 Foot 9 Inches
    Weight: 150
    Birthday: October 17
    Relationships: None that she cares about

    Province: Pulemelei Island, Igneus
    Level: 1
    Element: Fire
    Specialization: Self-Invented Weaponry. She is an expert at wielding what she makes. Blacksmithing, Mining __________________________________________________________________


    Much of her personality is derived from a traumatizing past on the island of Pulemelei due to the beliefs of the natives. She also derives a lot from an encounter that came from that experience. She is dark-humored and does not seem very emotional. She comes across as very steady and collected. She smokes when she feels stressed.

    In battle there are times when she is reminded of her past which can cause her to wildly lose her temper.


    As a mercenary she has no great motivation except for getting paid. She kills marks without any regret as she figures that if she does not succeed in killing them then her client will hire another person to get the job done until it is. Simply put, she is just a minor piece of a much larger ever-changing puzzle. If she were removed from it or changed herself to do something else, another piece would be in line to take her place. She also has a desire to return to her home village, however if she does no good will come from it.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 10
    Magic: 10
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 10 + 2 (Fire Bonus)
    Agility: 10

    Weapons: 10
    Hand-to-hand: 10



    Born on the tribal island of Pulemelei, Koroseta grew up without much in the way of technology or schooling. Her schooling was that of fighting. The Koasta Sangone Tribe was a territorial tribe that battled with other tribes in the region and the only people that labored were those that were caught in battle. The Koasta Sangone were a group of strong magic wielding fighters and believed in sacrificing to their God who resided within the volcano on their island for his protection and strength in battle. As a result of being born to this tribe Koroseta was brought up to be well rounded.

    She excelled in combat, but unfortunately for her she was chosen by her own parents to be the tribe's sacrifice in order to bring honor to her family. She struggled but was brought to the peak of the volcano. She was thrown into the volcano but managed to cling onto an outcrop spraining a wrist. She then fell a short distance further onto a ledge 6 feet above the lava at the base of the volcano breaking an ankle. She saw a cave entrance leading into the side of the mountain from there and entered it.

    There she found the 'God' of the volcano, Vanua. She 'spoke' to him and learned from him her current philosophy in life. In this cavern, known as his chamber, she also found ways to sustain herself until her wounds healed. Slowly but surely she gained enough strength to climb back out. She does not speak to many about what she did after she got out, but is now considered a heinous criminal and wanted dead by the tribe.

    From there she made her way to Mendefera, losing all of her wealth along the way to get to the great city of industry. She is fascinated by gear and steam machinery and anything of the sort that is hand made. She has decided to become a mercenary to pay for her expenses until something better comes along.

    RP Sample:

    Fear flashed in her face and her skin paled. There is no way that this was happening. Living in the tribe you saw it happen, but you never thought it would be you. Koroseta struggled to get away from her father, were they crazy? They nominated her to be the sacrifice and she was chosen? Really!?

    Suddenly the Elder's warriors entered her house and restrained her. Struggle as she might she could not break free from their hold. "Let me go! You can't do this!" She was dragged up to the peak of Mount Valua kicking and screaming. She could already feel the heat from the volcano.

    When they reached the top the Elder spoke in the ancient native tongue as he always did to commence the ritual. Suddenly she was released from the grasp of the warrior's and pushed forward before she could try and escape. As she started to fall tears welled up in her eyes. "How can this be how it ends?"

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