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    Marina Palamara

    Marina Palamara
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    Marina Palamara

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    First Name:  Marina
    Last Name:  Palamara

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: Average
    Birthday: July 18th
    Relationships:  Nepedon Palamara - Father,  Daria Palamara - Sister,  Petron Pamabara - Brother,  Diana Palamara - Mother

    Province: Port Hedrig, Lymphae
    Level: 5
    Element: Water
    Specialization: Familiar Summoning, Navigation, Cartography (As Jobs), Weapons (I mean look at the weapon stat), Swimming, Pure water magic. (Suggesting Generalist as a possible job for other people)

    Personality:  Marina is a very sarcastic individual like her Mother and her Brother and she attributes this to her Mother.   It is a very frequent occurrence that she says something snarky or sarcastic.  She likes to debate things and intentionally gets into frequent arguments where she antagonizingly argues a point that she sometimes may not even believe in.  As such there are a lot of people that tend to get fed up with her.  Even if they do, it only serves to amuse her.

    She also has a stubbornness that she attributes to her Father.  When she gets her mind on something she follows through.  Also, if she feels something should be done a certain way she stays set in her belief.  The only way to change this is to prove her wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt.  That is something that is really hard to do though and even if it is done she often will continue arguing the point even if she knows it is wrong now.

    She can be a hard person to judge at times.  This means it is hard to tell what she is really thinking at times because of her sarcasm.  Another reason that she can be hard to judge is that she is extremely introverted about personal matters.  If her opinion of someone changes she is not likely to say anything about it and the only real sign could be a glare when it makes no sense for her to glare at you.  If she doesn't like you she could be really dangerous.

    Of course there is the flip side of that.  If she likes you she will fiercely stand up for you.  She is definitely one of the people that is great to be on the right side of and horrible to be on the bad side of.  She is fiercely loyal to anyone who happens to be a friend of her.  Part of the reason for this is that she has never had many friends and regrets what happened to a few of them.

    While she may not seem it she does get and understand humor.  Her reaction to it might be contradictory to what she actually thinks.  Her own jokes are somewhat cruel and mean at times.  If someone ever makes the mistake of pulling a prank on her they will regret it deeply.  If she gets pranked she will get them back and take it WAY too seriously, often resulting in the original pranker getting hurt.

    Motivation:  Her motivations are pretty diverse and a lot of them have to do with how she was raised as well as who she was raised by.  Her biggest motivation though, is to become as skilled of a sailor as she possibly can be.  The reasoning for this is actually three-fold.  Mostly it's to be able to join either one of her parents or her brother on a ship.  Of course those were three different situations.

    If she were to go with her Brother like he wants, she would be joining one of the Navies, most likely Lymphae's.  Of course this would mean that she would have to follow a strict code.  Right now it didn't seem like something that she would ever want to do.  Of course a lot could change her view on things as she went out into the world without an attachment to her family.  Still it would take a lot.

    If she went with her Mother's wishes and joined her she would have a very different life.  If it made sense though it's also a very similar profession.  Her Mother was a privateer and if she would join her with her crew as a first or second mate.  This all was dependent on how skilled she could become.  This life would have a looser set of rules than one in the Navy but still there would be someone above the ship that they would have to answer to if they didn't anything rogue.

    Her Father wanted her to join him in a profession not that dissimilar to her Mother's.  He wanted her to join him on his Pirate Ship if she ever thought she would be good enough of a sailor.  Of course as far as morals that would be entirely different from what both her Mother and her Brother wanted her to do.  At the same time that would have the most freedom.  As of right now though she isn't sure which she wants to do.

    Her biggest motivation is to actually step out of the shadows from her Father, Mother, Brother and even her Sister who was becoming quite a renowned nurse.  She wants to discover what she wants to do for herself, not be told what to do by someone else.  She can't deny that she has inherited a love for the sea but maybe she could find something else to do.  Maybe she could find some form of adventure at sea that the other three options couldn't provide.  In the long run she hopes to visit all of the 8 known continents before settling into anything permanent in life.


    Starting Stats

    Health:  6
    Magic:  18
    Stamina:  6
    Strength:  6
    Agility:  6

    Weapons:  23 +2
    Hand-to-hand:  5


    History:  The night after a battle at sea, Captain Diana Papis rolls to her side and looks approvingly at her new lover, Nepedon Palamara.  Her pirate crew had captured his merchant vessel, but she had taken a liking to him and he to her.  It wasn't long before he became an integral part of the crew and eventually her first mate.  He had proven very adept at this new profession.  Things went well until she started to show signs of pregnancy.

    Not to say things were bad because of that but it did lead her to retire from piracy while Nepedon took the role of Captain.  He frequently would stop back in at Port Hedrig which was a bit infamous as being a base for piracy and over time Diana and Nepedon had 3 kids.  The oldest would be Petron who always seemed to take issue with Piracy.  The middle child was Daria who was more into civil matters and helping out the needy which led to her becoming a nurse and being one of the absolute best medics when it came to purging poison and curing burns and frostbite.  The youngest child was Marina.

    Marina was the most like her parents and she was mischievous and a rebel.  She eventually mellowed out and her Mother decided to go back to see this time as a Privateer Captain so that she wouldn't have to be worried about the law.  Mainly so that her children wouldn't have to worry about her as much.  When Marina was in her early teens she learned of her rare ability to summon familiars by summoning a Clurichaun.  It was a pain in the butt in most situations but every now and again it would prove useful.

    It was amazing when her parents would stop in and train with her and she learned a ton from it.  Eventually, at the age of 16 she decided to leave to discover herself.  The biggest reason for this was that every single one of her family was trying to influence her to be like them.  She decided that the place to start her adventure would be Mendefera in Humus.  Mainly because of its central location and the population there.

    Marina had expected a tumultuous voyage across a raging sea.  What she got was a peaceful voyage with nothing exciting whatever.  Disappointed with that she made a peaceful trip to Mendefera.  When she got there however her eyes lit up as she sees a massive gold and ivory creature.  A big man with a sword is talking over sales details with a businessman and Marina decides that this man with the sword is someone she would like to talk to.

    RP Sample:

    Marina looks up at the gates of Mendefera in awe as she enters the city.  She looks around inside and is amazed at all of the hustle and the bustle of this city.  It was like nothing that she had ever seen before having come from the small secluded port of Port Hedrig.  She slowly makes her way through the city, seeing orcs and elves and other races she had never seen before.  In time she starts to make her way to the Merchant's District as she explores the city.

    She feels a little weird knowing that she is unable to use her magic here.  She had relied on it heavily in the past as self-defense and while she is great with weapons, she didn't bring any with her.  She couldn't even make use of her handy little pack mule, Ólchobhar.  She continues working her way towards the center of the Merchant's district.  As she gets there she can hear "Alright any takers?  Any one at all?  This beast I know is worth at least 10 times the worth the last one I brought in!  Now who's going to buy!?"

    As she makes her way through a crowd she sees a large man on top of a giant dead creature.  It was amazing to see this and looks like it had been quite an adventure to kill it.  She then sees a man walk up and offer him 35 MILLION GOLD!  She sees how excited the man is to buy it.  Now she knows that she has to seek this warrior out later.

    After this she sees a girl with a puppet and a rabbit go up to the swordsman. Then later sees another man walk up who had kind of a cool look about him that reminded her of her family to be truthful.  Regardless she decides that there are too many people around to talk to him now.  She isn't sure if she will be able to catch back up with him or not.  She decides that she needs to first go to a blacksmith or a weapons shop.

    As she does so she again is lost in how many different races there are here in the city.  She eventually makes her way past a grumpy looking woman at an outside forge.  After that she sees a very busy blacksmith's forge with a lot of beginners there.  She passes them both over and continues to search.  Eventually she comes to a booth outside with a bunch of weapons and an male salesman who appears to be from Ventus.

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    Source:  Mr. Von Ronsenberg

    Face Claim:  Paine FFX-2
    Marina Palamara
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