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    A little shy

    Nzuri Asubuhi
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    A little shy

    Post  Nzuri Asubuhi on Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:01 pm

    Nzuri cautiously walked around the streets of Mendefera, looking at everything and everyone. She felt a little self-conscious seeing as how everyone else was bipedal. She slowed her pace as she saw a guard ahead. They appeared to be handing out something to passerby's. Even as much as she didn't want to ask what was going on, she was very curious. Of course, curiosity killed the cat. But satisfaction brought it back. Nzuri trotted up to the guard. "Um, hi yes, I um...I was wondering what it is that you're giving out?" She managed to spit all this out without her voice breaking too much.

    The guard looked her up and down, which made her cover herself a bit. "Well we could certainly use a centaur!" The guard said happily. "I'm handing out these tokens, which you can take to the barracks and show to one of the captains. In turn, you'll get armor and a weapon." The guard handed her a token, which Nzuri took. "But in order to get the gear, you've gotta join us for the fight." With that last sentence, the guard waved and walked off. Nzuri watched him go while wondering what she was about to get herself into. The centaur looked at the token she held in her hands and sighed before she started to look for the barracks.

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