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    Andras Kaer
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    Andras Kaer

    Post  Andras Kaer on Wed Sep 24, 2014 7:06 pm

    First Name:  Andras
    Last Name:  Kaer

    Race: Human (Ucheldir Rhyfelwyr)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Height: Six Foot Seven Inches
    Weight: 280
    Birthday: 3/16
    Relationships: Several brothers and sisters and a mother and father living in his hometown.

    Province: Bangor, Humus
    Level: 1
    Element: Earth
    Specialization: Axes, Hammers, Mining, Blacksmithing
    Languages: Ucheldir (Welsh) and Common
    Vice: Ucheldir Rhyfelwyr Balchder
    Strength: Double Damage with axes and hammers.  It's a requirement for a few skills.
    Weakness:  No Magic and the inability to back down from most fights.

    Personality: Andras is a beer chugging battle loving warrior.  He comes from a family of warriors and miners that live in a unique culture centered in the mountains of Humus.  He has a good sense of humor but is quick to get into a fight and take offense.  He is overly courageous and foolish at times in battle.  He is also a fiercely loyal individual.

    Motivation:  His primary motivation is simply to enjoy beer and battle.  He also wishes to forge a traditional weapon through his journeys.  At his home he drank a bit more than they really cared for him to.  This lead to friction and the desire to go out and enjoy all that the world had to offer.  Unfortunately the world has more out there than just fun as I'm sure he'll find out.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 10
    Magic: 0
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 20
    Agility: 9

    Weapons: 20
    Hand-to-hand: 1


    History:  Born into the warrior encampment of Bangor Andras had a unique childhood.  His learning was far from a typical school.  It was a school in which he learned the basics of mining, smithing and fighting.  As he grew older he found a love for alcohol, mainly beer and mead.  This was frowned upon and therefore he left to make it on his own.

    Since he left he has been drinking and fighting his way through battles.  The last battle that he had put him a little over his head.  It lead to him getting injured.  He is now recovered and looking for a battle.  It was hard for him to learn the common language and he still has a hard time with some longer words.  He still has a tendency to speak Ucheldir when he gets worked up.

    RP Sample:   Andras walks into a pub.  At the bar there is a dwarf, an elf and a rabbi.  All three are plastered and Andras notices that the dwarf is the most drunk.  He hollers over to him.  "Hey shorty, the elf is outdrinking you."  The elf turns around angrily.  "What you say outlander?"  He grabs a bottle of whiskey and breaks it on the counter.  

    Andras smirks as he knew that it would be easy to lure him into a fight.  Fifteen minutes later both he and the dwarf are kicked out and both sharing a drink after their fight.  Now they just need to work out who is going to pay for the damages.

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    Re: Andras Kaer

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    And so Andras Kaer is approved.

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