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    Enz Zziio

    Post  Enz Zziio on Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:44 am

    First Name: Enz
    Last Name: Zziio

    Race: Reptillian
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Height: 6 ft
    Weight: 140
    Birthday: March 20
    Relationships: N/A

    Province: Vigilants (warship), Land of Dragons
    Level: One
    Element: Wildmage
    Specialization: prefer to use a staff blades, second choice are swords, and then daggers and hidden wrist blades... basically anything that is a blade… her style is quick, agile, flowing combat.
    Jobs ~
    First Aid

    Personality: Enz Zziio is a kind caring person, she will help those in need, but do not let her kind nature fool you… she is quite inteligent and quite talented… Enz loves dragons… she see’s them as magnificent creatures, she only hopes that one day she can live amongst them… as a friend.

    However, enz does not like thieves or murderers, she does not like vile or cruel people… she will go about her way to deal with these petty low lives in ways she seems fitting for justice…

    Enz is a honorable, truthful, courageous, person, who fights for justice and what she believes is righteous… but even through that all… her love for dragons exceeds her love for any other… the only thing that she loves more… is her mate…

    Motivation:my motivation normally is dragons, and to talk with my love of my life, I love to RP as it is just as good as books except we are the authors.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 15
    Magic: 7
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 10
    Agility: 14

    Weapons: 13
    Hand-to-hand: 1


    History: Enz was born on the massive man of war, Drake Vigilants… designed to fight dragons before it was sunk one unfortunate foggy night…

    Born march 20th aboard the vigilant her mother brought into labor due to the violence raging above deck… a dragon... water serpent... were attacking on this windless foggy night… the vigilant was a sitting duck and they could not see a thing…

    The mother was forced to abandon ship, led by the father… who stayed behind to fight the dragon… with the dingy (life boat) floating away the mother watched as fire reigned down. Onto the ship the sails burning, weapons fireing into the air blindly hoping they hit the beast… but as the ship faded into the fog… the firing stopped and a horrible loud long crack was heard… soon followed by a victorious roar… of a dragon… the once mighty ship Vigilant sunk… to the bottom of the sea… her father dead…

    Years later… she and her mother lived a nomadic life on the continents far from the land of dragons… as enz grew up she at the age of 13 found and old busted long sword… broken where the metal was weak… having brought it home her mother rejected the thing… but enz was rebellious… and kept the sword… she trained on her own occasionally when in town she would have a guard or a soldier show her a few tricks… at one point a kind old black smith sharpened the old busted sword giving her a honing stone and taught her how to sharpen it on her own… ecstatic she had an official weapon, though now dangerous tool.

    As she grew up she eventually ditched the old busted sword… well not really she kept it just kept with her mother who had settled down in and old reptilian village… she had acquired a staff blade… at age 18 with some training as a wild mage… she set out on adventures, fighting bandits hunting thieves and so on… eventually her adventures lead her to the land of the dragons… in the waters that she was born in… making her way to the island to meet these dragons… well it was quite dangerous she dared not fight a full grown beast…

    Age 21…

    She could not find the heart to hunt down any beast or help hunt down any… she found out she actually loved dragons… well eventually she came along a lost little hatchling… Enz made her way to the hatchling… on the hopes that she could help the poor thing… well the hatchling was quite the violent one… it was hungry and scared… Enz tried to simply avoid it and she kept shouting that she meant no harm she was here to help… well the hatchling did not understand her…

    Enz had pulled out her staff swords… the hatchling may have been a baby but it was a big girl… the hatchling pounced they tumbled for a bit and fell at one point, on enz and clawed at her… kicking it off… she had realized they had fallen in a pit… there was no escape… and this hatchling looked quite hungry… enz had no choice… it was kill or be eaten.

    The hatchling was fast… as it pounced at her she would jumpe to the right or left and slide her blade along the hatchling… dealing blow after blow… but it was fast at one point it pounced on her knocking her to her back her weapon sent flying and falling through a crack in the ground clanking of metal could be heard as the fine weapon fell into the depths of the land forever lost… the hatchling clampied its maw around her throat… in panick… enz pulledo ut her dagger… and stabbed the hatchlings side… it yipping unto the air enz cicked it off… suddenly a torrent of rain washed down upon them soaking her and the hatchling and the ground in seconds… the rain thick… day turned into night cus the clouds were so thick… lighting booming in the distance…

    Pulling out her dagger… clawed paw and dagger in the other paw at the ready… enz breathed heavily… she was a wild mage… never had a form before… maybe she can do it now… synthesis… Enz ran up to the hatchling and dropped kicked it, the thing yelping… it got up quickly and pounced on enz where she wipped her arm under its throat… with the singing of the blade and a gush of blood all over her face… she rolled onto her knees and hands and got up… looking to the hatchling… her heart sank… it was suffering… blood flowing from its throat… enz walked up the the hatchling and kneeled down next to it and placed a hand on its chest… and then plunged the dagger down… a lightning flashed… there was not a sound… crimson blood drained along the ground… enz’s paw on the hatchling… the dagger deep in its chest… it laid limp… breathing slow… and soon not a breath… its eyes shut… the faint aura beneath her hand faded… the synthesis completed… removing her hand from the dead hatchling body… pulling the dagger out and tossing it to the side… enz looked up… she had to get out now… and she was not going to leave the poor little guy here… it deserved a proper buriel…

    Once she had gotten out she burned the hatchling body… a burial fit for kings… she only hoped it was fit for dragons too… this event was weaks ago and from that time on she has been practicing with her new form getting use to it… sadly she was a hatchling in it and she could not even fly… but she would eventually grow up… and oh did she love this dragon form more than her reptilian form…

    Now… enz is looking for new equipment… for now she has her busted long-sword… Seasoned Plate-mail… and Worn-out Leather Chaps… and a thousand gold left in her pocket… she had come home to find her hose completely sacked and robbed… and burned down… bandits… thieves… the usual…

    RP Sample: in her fine armor and her two ninjato at her side she walked along the road… it had been weeks since the Hatchling dragon incident… she could not get her mind off it… as she walked along in the pouring rain, the water pinging off her fine metal armored robes…

    as she walked along two people in leather armor and wielding a club and another a sword... Enz halts in place and places her right hand over her Ninjato handle... when one seemed as though it were to charge enz pulled out her ninjato... and them... there was a blunt sharp pain on the back of her head... and everything went dark...

    Enz woke up several hours later... practically naked only her underwear remained... untouched... the bandits did not touch her... seems as though they had no interest in a reptilian... but they stole everything she had... she returned to her home and found it burning up... enraged... she crossed her arms across her reptilian chest... (reptilians don't have breasts)

    having made her way to her home after several disapproving stares due to her near nudity... making her way to the house she banged upon the door... her mother answered with a gasp she pulled enz in and wrapped her in some nice toasty blankets... scratchy to any one without scales but perfect for a reptilian... sitting down next to the fire wrapped in the toasty blanket her mother gave her a hot drink of some tea to help her immunity boost up... her mother gave her some cloths, and eventually enz found her old busted sword... it was perfect for her now... her mother had some Worn-out Leather Chaps laying around she took with her mothers permission... her mother then also gifted her with a Seasoned Plate-mail… while the items were quite used they were better than nothing... bidding her mother farewell... she parted ways after her mother gave her 1000 gold coins she had been saving up, she insisted enz have it against enz's objection saying that her mother needed it more... but she convinced enz she needed it more... she had to start over somewhere....

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source: Dragons Roleplaying Forum, By Levish (an admin here)

    Face Claim: mystic Fire, by twilightsaint

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    APPROVED, this is a nice picture of a character.


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