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    Monsters classes


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    Monsters classes

    Post  forty on Wed Oct 02, 2013 8:19 pm

    The creature classes do not mean strength all the time, Some boss level creatures can be as strong as a common Or a common could be as strong as a boss. This is generally the rarity of how often you will encounter them. Also the rarity means the quality in materials.

    Monster Classes

    Common Animal:

    Mostly herbivore creatures you would commonly know. Fish and small sea critters, deer, common horse. Most common creatures will not be put in the beatisarty unless they are high level ones to keep the clutter and the list down.

    Uncommon Animal:

    Normal (not magical) carnivors like wolfs and bears, foxes would be under this as well.

    Rare Animal:

    Giant spiders, non-magical creatures you wouldn’t normally see unless you're in an area that could house them.

    Unique Animal:

    Albino animals and Rare creatures with often minor magical abilities.  Often will be localized around specific areas

    Rare Unique Creature:

    Low level monsters and Magical Creatures that are localized by continents. Unicorns and alicorns for example.

    Mini Boss:

    Mini bosses are often tough creatures know to be aggressive. But are likely to chase you down.  Typically monsters between levels 7-45

    Common Boss:

    Just short of being a real boss these creatures are large in poulation sizes meaning running in to one you might stumble upon a whole pack or village of them.  Most will often follow you.  Typically monsters between levels 10-50


    Boss creatures aren't always the strongest in health or raw strength but some are classified as this for most of them have one hit killing attacks. Boss creatures are also sly and will often run from battles they dont feel they can win making hunting them down a tricky job, as some will run off and heal themselves. Typically monsters between levels 15-60

    Epic Boss:

    These creatures or people are often a plot changing creature or in some cases so powerful they take a very long time to kill. They will often run after a certain amount of damage is dealt to them making people have to track them down again.  Typically monsters between levels 25-100


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