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    Crackers the beagle

    Tokara Shire
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    Crackers the beagle

    Post  Tokara Shire on Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:34 am

    Name: Crackers
    Breed: Beagle
    Species: Hound dog
    Age: 6 months
    Sex: male
    Level: gona say level 1
    Weight: 5 pounds
    Height: 9 inches
    Carry capacity: like 4 pounds maybe..
    Element: Earth
    Specialization: +20 to hunting for tracking creatures not setting traps.
    Job: Tracker hound.
    Downside: barks allot when on the road causes the next event roll to have a +1 to encounter rate.
    Upkeep: must eat meat or some food three times a day. must have water handy for them to drink. being in hot weather causes them to drink allot of water.  waters skins and a pouch for snacks for long trips may be needed.
    Personality: crackers is a lovable dolt of a puppy. completely fearless how every very much a klutz and trips over him self allot.
    Stats: 40 points to distribute in the following areas
    -Health 10
    -Stamina 15
    -Strength 5
    -Agility 10
    History: cracker was just found after having fought a horse killer.

    Meteor Sword deals 400 damage

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    Re: Crackers the beagle

    Post  forty on Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:31 pm

    this is approved... owner is tokara. this pet was found in a event.


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