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    In Need of Some Horse Power

    Falabella Shire
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    In Need of Some Horse Power

    Post  Falabella Shire on Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:46 pm

    Falabella walked her rented pony into the stables, she knew he was a temporary mount, but she liked his personality too much to part.  Seeing the Stable Master, she called out to him.  "Hello, this pony was rented out to me but I would like to buy him, how much is he to buy outright?"

    Seeing his size wouldn't be up for any person of larger than average height, it was lucky that someone so small wanted to keep him.  "He's only good for Agility, no mixed breed in him, but he's nimble and should be good on rough terrain.  He's 7000 gold."

    7000 didn't seem that bad for such a young mount, even a pony, she'd gladly take it.  "I also need to rent 4 Draft horses with standard gear... harnesses and such, got something heavy to haul just up the road"

    Surprised by new second request, he wondered what was so heavy that it'd require 4 of his Draft horses, but if she paid he was fine with it.  "5000 each for 20000.  Plus the 7000 for your guy, that brings us to 27000, is that all you need?"

    Falabella sighs inwardly, *Tokara better pay me back for this, or that Horse Killer's body better be worth it...*  "Yes please, thank you," she says as she hands him the 27,000 gold.  

    She waits for him to get the Draft horses ready as she mounts up on her pony.  He came back leading 2 horses in each hand.  Falabella ties the halters to her saddle-horn and leaves.  "Should be back soon enough with these 4, Thanks again," she says as she rides out of the stables, one to meet up with Tokara again.


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