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    Remy Laroque

    Remy Laroque
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    Remy Laroque

    Post  Remy Laroque on Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:32 pm

    First Name: Remy
    Last Name: Laroque

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Height: 6 foot 1 inch
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Birthday: November 23rd
    Relationships: Both parents,  A son who he is to this day trying to find, He has a cousin named Donny Love.

    Province: Mendefera Humus
    Level: 3
    Element: Unique Wild Mage
    Specialization: A master at using everyday items as throwing weapons as well as using regular throwing weapons.  Will Magic Explosions.  Using his skill to be a great gambler.  He can lie with confidence and is very convincing making him have a great poker face and making him hard to read.  Hunting, Herbalism.  At level 4 he will pick up Cooking.


    Remy is a very likeable person when met in a casual situation.  He is often seen with an attractive woman on his arm.  He is a ladies man and has a long list of women he has been with however he never leads anyone into thinking he wants anymore than a one night stand.  He uses his charm to get to them rather than crude comments or openly hitting on them.  He is a very smooth talker.  

    He can use this to get him out of sticky situations and is very good at lying.  Because of this he has a great poker face and can be really hard to read.  His favorite means of making money is through gambling.  Rumor has it that he can tell what any card is without looking at it just by touching it.  While making money gambling Remy has a Robin Hood mentality and will rig things so that a poorer person will win more and a richer person will lose more.  

    Usually if Remy leaves with a large profit he will donate most of it to a local orphanage, shelter, guardspost or other cause he deems good.  Due to the house cut he gives the taverns that he works he has a lot of goodwill with tavern owners all over the world.  He maintains a good sense of clean humor.  Also, due to his upbringing he is bi-lingual and will often speak in a mixture of French and English and sometimes a little borderlined creole.  He is loyal to friends.  


    Depending on how well one knows Remy different people would get different impressions about Remy.  At first glance one would think that Remy's only motivations were to get money and to get laid.  One might think he was really greedy at first glance as well.  It would seem as though he was content with the life he was leading.  Even people who know him well didn't know what his true life motivation was.

    People who knew him better would assume that he was trying to help poor people.  Knowing Remy's upbringing he was poor and did not have much.  Food was not plentiful but he had a happy life.  It was true that now he helped out people in need monetarily though.  A lot of his gambling winnings went to good causes.  In fact it was truly a motivation of his, but it was not his driving force.

    His true motivation started when he was 21 years old.  He had a girlfriend who was the first serious relationship that he was in and he had a son with her.  While on a trip to Igneus their ship was attacked and his girlfriend and son were taken to be slaves.  Now it was his goal to find them wherever they ended up.  He followed many leads and tried to find them all over the world but has been unsuccessful and is now losing hope in finding them.


    Starting Stats

    Health:  5
    Magic: 20
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 4
    Agility: 17

    Weapons: 10
    Hand-to-hand: 4



    It was a stormy night at sea off from the coast of Humus.  Pierre and Tamina Laroque had wanted to get back to Mendefera to have their child but Tamina went into labor early and they had a healthy son at sea.  Following their voyage back home Pierre got injured and lost his job.  It made the next several years tight financially but they were a happy family and always managed to get by.  As a boy Remy was always weak but he made up for it with speed.

    At the age of 10 his father started trying to teach Remy to use magic but anything he tried resulted in inorganic materials exploding.  It didn't take long for the family to decide that it was better for him to stay away from magic.  Remy's teen years were good with the only issue he had was being picked on for being poor.  Remy handled it well though and was extremely polite and humble.  At the age of 16 Remy learned of his talent with playing cards.

    Remy trained for a full year with cards in order to get truly good with them.  Then at the age of 17 he left home in hopes of making money and eventually helping his family with the money that he was making.  He decided he should start out of Humus so that if things went wrong he could head back home.  With this in mind he went into Tempestas and started gambling.  He always made it a point to have a large house cut so that he would get their favor.

    He was pretty successful and by 19 he had been gambling in most cities in Tempestas.  He had also perfected a charge technique to make use of some magic skills.  One day in Mistcliff he snookered the wrong person, a general to be exact.  He was quickly thrown into jail and was given an offer.  He was told that the leader of Tempestas was in a bad mood and that she needed.... entertainment.  He had two choices, a month in jail or he would actually get paid to .... entertain the leader of Tempestas.

    He soon found out why he had been paid to.  While she was very attractive .... it was .... unpleasant.  Regardless she ended up gifting him a necklace.  After that he left for Humus and stuck around his parents for about a month before heading out towards Ventus.  He met a nice woman near the border of Ventus in Humus and stayed in town eventually having a lengthy relationship with her for a couple of years.

    During that period of time they had a son and had been very happy and content.  His girlfriend wanted to see Igneus so Remy paid for a voyage to Igneus on a ship that she wanted wanted to go on.  Unfortunately for all of them the crew was not all that seasoned and as Igneus was becoming visible they were attacked by pirates.  The crew and passengers were quickly over run and Remy was defeated.  Both his girlfriend and son were taken by the pirates and as Remy tried one last time to protect them he was knocked overboard.

    Luckily for him he was able to grab onto some debris from the ship he had been on after the pirates started shelling it.  It was about 6 hours at sea for Remy before he was picked up by a fishing vessel from Igneus.  He had been fortunate that he wasn't killed in the water by a monster.  The crew took him to Redhaven where he immediately tried to find leads about where his girlfriend and son were.  It didn't take him long to figure that they were probably sold into the slave trade.

    This would make it hard to find them and Remy eventually heard that there had been a buyer from Lymphae at the last slave trade.  Remy then took to gambling throughout Igneus to make enough money to travel to Lymphae.  While gambling in Igneus Remy ran into Madame Belle Beauregard.  He played poker against her and neither one good get ahead against the other.  For Remy this was unheard of and he grew to respect her skills as a gambler.

    By 22 he had made enough for a cross-ocean voyage from Igneus to Lymphae.  The Captain he went with was Captain Nemo, one of the most reknowned captains on the sea.  He was nervous throughout the journey but Nemo lived up to his reputation and they made it there safely and easily.  In Lymphae he had no luck finding them, he did however find the man he had been told about.  The whole state of affairs at the man's estate he found absolutely sickening.

    It was there he saw the truly disgusting world of slavery.  There were all kinds of slaves from several races there.  While slavery was highly illegal the apparent loophole was buying from one country and then bringing them back to another.  While this was still highly frowned upon one could... ease tensions... with some bribery.  At first Remy was told he would not be allowed to speak with owner of the estate but Remy forced his way through.

    His meeting with the man went pretty poorly as one would expect.  When he mentioned his girlfriend and son the estate owner said that he might as well forget about them because while he wasn't their owner someone else was and finding them would be damn near impossible since the person he had thought bought them was a dark elf from Atrum.  Remy held back from starting any more trouble than he already had and walked out with a new destination in mind.  Now he had to get money back up in order to have a safe passage to Atrum and from what he had heard about Atrum he was next to positive that he would need enough money to hire mercenaries to assist him once he was there as he had heard that Atrum's wilderness was the worst of any country.  It took him a full year but he did eventually make enough money through gambling throughout Lymphae to make the voyage.

    Again he chose to use Nemo as his means of transportation.  While Nemo was a massive penny pincher and the most greedy man Remy had ever met he was indeed the safest that he would choose to travel by.  Upon reaching Atrum he noted the general discontent of the public.  After travelling a bit he figured that it seemed here that slavery trade within the country was frowned upon and could be overlooked by bribes.  Owning slaves didn't same to have any reprecussions.

    After a day or so Remy found out why.  It seemed that there was a slave registry where slaves were kept track of within the country because there was a slave tax!  Remy worked gambling and got a good sum of money to bribe the book keeper with and it got him so that he could search the files.  Sure enough he found the names of his girlfriend and son and who they were owned by.  He departed immediately afterwards to go and get them back.

    When he arrived at the residence of their 'owners' he was surprised.  This was a business, not a personal residence.  Apparently the company gathered fruit from the local wilderness and used slaves to gather them as it was dangerous.  Unlike Lymphae here Remy easily got to the owner because unlike Lymphae there was not as much frowning upon slavery here.  Remy kept his cool for a while talking to the owner but that changed when he found out what had happened with his girlfriend and son.

    The dark elf spoke frankly to Remy telling him that his son had been sold to Captain R. Burns when he had discovered the child was to attached to his mother.  Before he could even fully finish the statement Remy had grabbed the dark elf by his collar.  Remy was about to starting beating on the man but he continued speaking.  He told Remy that the mother had been taken by Lizardmen in the swamps only about a month ago.  Remy held back his rage as much as he could but he was doing it rather poorly, but he had to hold his composure if he would find where she had been last seen.

    Remy told him that he would be right back with some mercenaries and then they could head out.  Remy went and paid for a couple of highly skilled mercenaries and came back.  He paid the dark elf to go show him and they headed out.  It wasn't very long before the Dark Elf had lead them there.  He told Remy that it was as much as he could do to help him find her.  

    As soon as Remy heard that he snapped his fingers and the Mercenaries killed the dark elf.  Then they headed out on what to this date was Remy's most dangerous adventure.  After a few days of almost constant fighting they found a camp of Lizardmen marked with the heads of their latest meals stuck on top of spears and one of them was that of Remy's girlfriend.  Remy dropped to his knees and started openly crying.  When Remy sttod back up his eyes were glowing bright pink.  It seemed all of the Lizardmen were in one central hut perhaps planning a new attack.

    Remy ran up to it and held onto the outside of the hut charging it with his magic energy.  It started glowing pink and Remy collapsed to the ground.  Luckily one of the mercenaries ran in and grabbed Remy before the whole hut blew up killing some of the Lizardmen and scaring the rest off.  In the debris Remy found a necklace and pendant that he had given his girlfriend.  He grabbed it and took it with him before burying the human remains that he had found there.

    After everything was resolved in Atrum Remy went to Luminarium to search for Captain R. Burns and Remy's son.  After quite some time there Remy found that it was pretty well hopeless.  Captain R. Burns never seemed to stay in one place long enough to be able to be found.  Giving up hope after some years of trying to find them Remy had decided to go back to Humus to see how his family was doing.  He had heard that monsters were acting up lately and that the Peacekeeper's had requested people start aiding the Guard.

    As Remy headed back to Humus he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.  He had finally decided that he likely wasn't going to find his son and that if he was going to he would need his own ship to do so.  Getting a ship that was good enough to make it through the ocean would be no easy task.  Even if the money would be easy to get you would still have to know how to fortify it and arm it so that the monsters of the sea would not be able to easily sink it.  Remy made it back home but after a short visit he decided that they would be safe and that they were doing well so he went out to talk to the guards to sign up and help the cause.

    RP Sample:

    It's a beautiful day at sea and Remy is leaning against the rail of the schooner looking out towards mainland.  He has his arm around his girlfriend who is holding their son.  It seemed as though they would reach their destination soon.  Remy gave his girlfriend a kiss on the forehead.  "I'll be right back mon cocotte.  I'm going to see how close we are to port so we can see when we need to get ready."

    Remy then went up to the Captain's quarters to ask that question.  On the way there he heard the loud sound of cannon and then felt an impact followed by another, both of them hitting the Captain's quarters.  Before he knew what was happening the Captains quarters collapsed and debris from above landed on Remy hitting him in the head and knocking him out.  When Remy came to Remy looked around and saw that pirates were taking passengers hostage and bringing them to their ship across gangplanks.  Remy got up and ran towards them as he saw his girlfriend and son being dragged onto the ship, his girlfriend crying.

    Remy ran up one of the gangplanks and his girlfriend saw him and yelled out for him.  Remy was then knocked off from the gangplank by one of the pirates when he had been focused on his girlfriend and son.  As he fell into the water he yelled out to his girlfriend.  Luckily he managed to grab onto debris from the ship as the pirates started firing on the ship again.  It wasn't long before the schooner was sinking.

    Remy watched and yelled out as the Pirate's ship went out of sight.  Remy thought for sure he would drown or be sea monster food.  Several hours later a fishing vessel came and the crew picked him out of the water.  They gave him some food and then took him back to RedHaven in Igneus.  On that day Remy began the journey of his life.

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source: Forty

    Face Claim:  Remy Lebeau - Marvel Comics

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    approved. your character is going to be the only one aloud to have the natural explosive will magic the only way others can get it is though you enchanting a gem and selling it to them.

    i am gonna approve you for level 3 if you want it as this is a rather large app put in.

    Remy Laroque
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    O.k. Thank you!

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