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    Saori's Journal

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    Saori's Journal

    Post  Saori Pegason on Wed May 22, 2013 3:55 pm

    Journal Entry #001, Saori Shadowborn

    The last month or two have been hell for me, but I've somehow managed to strive through it with the amount of effort I have been putting into my conquest. I've discovered one of the most powerful creatures on the continent, a Fomorian, which I managed to avoid through the use of my tactics within shadows. It was of monstrous size with barbaric quality.. As well as fought and killed two Harpy sisters, both uniquely strong in their own capable aspects, whose loot I used to purchase brand new Warped Leather Armor and two lethal Steel Daggers. Luckily I had the guided assistance of a still unknown assailant and escort prior to my finding of a town of mercenaries known as Blood Bay.

    Upon my entry, the two ribs I had broken during the fight with the Harpy sisters was healed at the insane price of three-thousand gold coins. I also located the Assassin's Guild, a notorious group of professional cold blooded killers who are now willing to accept me with open arms if I can perform up to their quality of prowess, utilizing stealth and opportunity when the situation calls for it. Now they beckon that I slay a witness to a murder composed by the Guild in Ironhurst. I think I have what it takes.


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