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    Name: Kye-Ryong
    level: 4
    Class: Mini Boss
    Type: 2 legged with wings (not capable of flight), Bird-like Dragon
    Height: 7-8' at shoulders
    Weight: 2 tons
    Health: 800
    Melee Def: 200
    Magic Def: 400
    Melee Attacks:
    Peck - 25 damage
    Magic attacks: ??
    Speed: faster than a Speed Horse
    Material Drops: Kye-Ryong Metal, Kye-Ryong Leather/Scales, Kye-Ryong Feathers, Tail, Talons (4 per foot = 8), Beak, Kye-Ryong Meat (tastes like chicken)
    Exp: 270
    Alignment: Hostile
    Food Sources: Meat, whatever it can get
    Found: Humus only
    Equipment: Only Leather can be made into Unique Rarity Armor
    -Metal Armor:
    Kye-Ryong Metal - +5 Physical Resistance over Iron
    Kye-Ryong Metal in it's natural form or melted down needs to be level 4 to use
    Heavy/Medium/Light Metal depending on how you use it (plate vs scale plating vs chain)
    Resistance ratio.    Damage-to-your-Armor-Rating:Damage-to-your-Health
    Blunt  10:1
    Pierce 10:1
    Slash 10:1
    Fire 0:1
    Water 0:1
    Air 0:1
    Earth 0:1
    Light 0:1
    Dark 0:1
    Lightning 0:1
    Other 0:1

    -Leather Armor:
    Kye-Ryong Leather (Medium Leather) and Hollow Bone - +5 Physical Resistance over Iron.  Need to be level 4 to use
    Resistance ratio.    Damage-to-your-Armor-Rating:Damage-to-your-Health
    Blunt  10:2
    Pierce 10:2
    Slash 10:2
    Fire 6:2
    Water 6:2
    Air 6:2
    Earth 6:2
    Light 6:2
    Dark 6:2
    Lightning 6:2
    Other 6:2

    -Cloth Armor:
    Kye-Ryong Feathers - +4 Physical Resistance, with a 1:5 Physical:Magical Resistance Ratio.  Need to be level 4 to use
    Resistance ratio.    Damage-to-your-Armor-Rating:Damage-to-your-Health
    Blunt  10:3
    Pierce 10:3
    Slash 10:3
    Fire 9:3
    Water 9:3
    Air 9:3
    Earth 9:3
    Light 9:3
    Dark 9:3
    Lightning 9:3
    Other 9:3

    Kye-Ryong Metal - +5 Physical Damage over Iron, need to be level 3 to use
    Talon - need to be level 3 to use

    These are birdlike dragons who have lost the ability to fly.  They are extremely fast and aggressive.  Listen for a screeching crowing like sound as this will sometimes be a precursor to an attack.

    Hostile in the wild, Kye-Ryong will attack anything they think they can win against and eat.  But, luckily these creatures can be fairly easy to domesticate.  Like chickens, they lay eggs and are very territorial toward their nest, do Not go near a Kye-Ryong nest and think you can get away unscathed.

    They often live in the foothills of mountainsn in Humus, but during their first years of life, they will often migrate into Ventus to strengthen their legs and train in their Speed by running against the wind.  They sometimes will try to fly by running with the wind, but no one has seen it actually happen.  

    Very hard to tell the difference between a male and female.  Only by gutting a dead body and finding eggs will you know it was female.  

    Variant species:


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