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    Visiting the Displaced Tailor

    Sidney Hawkins
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    Visiting the Displaced Tailor

    Post  Sidney Hawkins on Thu May 16, 2013 4:55 pm

    Sidney enters the Crying Fish Inn and sees the tailor working on some basic clothing. He walks up to her. "Excuse me, but could you please make a suit for me?"

    The woman there nods. "Sure, what will it be made out of?"

    Sidney shows her the Kye-Ryong Leather and metal. "Preferable some boots with metal heels and toes, leather jean pants, a long-sleeve leather top, leather gloves and a leather muffler." says Sidney.

    The girl looks at it in surprise. "You're one of the ones that brought that beast in? Well for you it will be free of charge! Just let me get the measurements." She then measures Sidney and rights it down. Come back anytime tomorrow and they will be done, o.k. sir?"

    Sidney says "O.k." and then heads out for the stables.

    Falabella Shire
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    Re: Visiting the Displaced Tailor

    Post  Falabella Shire on Thu Jul 04, 2013 6:22 pm

    After searching for the tailors, Falabella was directed back to the Inn, apparently the tailors was damaged by the dragon and she was working here in the mean time.  Fala entered the Inn and searched her out, finding her off to the side, out of the way of normal business.  "Excuse me, could you attach these 20 tips to my leather collar?  And how much would that be?"

    The woman looked up from her sewing, and started tallying in her head.  "Since you must have received those weapons from the Blacksmith, and we were working together to give you 4 discounts on your gear, I assume he gave you something for free?"  At Falabella's nod, she continued, "Then it'll be 100 gold per piece, 2000 total for the 20.  Come here, put those down and undo your collar, you don't need to take the whole corset off, I'll work with it still on you.  This'll wont take long, and it seems more a pain to take that off than just stand there still for me."  

    Falabella put down her tips and dug out 2000 gold and removed her collar carefully since she still had on her Claws and Spikes.  With the collar hanging loose behind her where it was attached to her corset between her wings, she stood facing away from the tailor.  She kept trying to look behind her to see the woman work, but it pulled on the collar and she was told not to move.  

    She felt an itch on her leg, but couldn't scratch it... her back started to ache from standing so still, but she couldn't slouch... she started counting the stains on the ceiling to keep her mind occupied while the woman worked.  "All set now," said the woman.  

    *Finally*  Turning around, she saw her new spiked collar, it was a work of art to Fala.  "Thank you so much!"  She reattached it around her neck, very carefully again, made sure she had all her stuff and walked out the door to meet Tokara.  She felt better now, new and better weapons and armor, maybe now she could be of more help to him during a fight, maybe.


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