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    The makings of a Team?

    Falabella Shire
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    Re: The makings of a Team?

    Post  Falabella Shire on Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:35 pm

    Watching Tokara leave, she was torn with instinct and what she knew needed to be done. He could dissapear again, or cause trouble... but to be of use to him, she needed to get her shit together. No more Baby in the Baby Sister... she would have to trust his word, if not his greed.
    Turning back to Avril, she smiles, "Lead on, Oh Seamstress Of Dreams, my very savior in my moment of need," she jokes. "Maybe while you work, I'll make a song for you." From hearing what Avril had to say so far, it was bound to be a hit, she may be able to make money on the street singing if it turned out good enough. She starts humming a tune, soft and sweet at first, turning harsh and fast, bringing up thougths of pain, slowing down but becoming more intense, making it seem as though the song itself was standing up for itself, *wonder how it will end*. Humming while she walks, she moves to go in the direction Avril suggests.

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    Avril Bellevue
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    Re: The makings of a Team?

    Post  Avril Bellevue on Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:50 am

    (sorry about length of post but it's just to exit the topic)

    Avril nodded and led Falabella in the opposite direction of that which the boys were heading. She was surprised everyone was trusting her with their gear. She was good at sewing, but how would they know that, and why would they trust her? She had just met Falabella after all.


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