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    Shana Rose {Complete}

    Shana Rose
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    Shana Rose {Complete}

    Post  Shana Rose on Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:34 pm

    First Name: Shana
    Last Name: Rose

    Race: Human
    Gender: Woman
    Age: Twenty Eight
    Height: Five foot Ten inches
    Weight: One hundred and fifty pounds
    Birthday: 3/22
    Relationships: None revealed

    Province: Rivern Humus
    Level: 1
    Element: Earth
    Specialization: Hand to hand fighting and techniques, Hand to hand earth magic.  Is MMA required for a job for more advanced hand to hand?, if it is I guess I want that and Leather working.

    Personality: Shana is not a very trusting person.  She tries to be as independent as is possible.  Shana has a strong work ethic.  She hates chauvinism. Shana doesn't find much funny either.

    Motivation: Shana wants to make her own way in life. She wants to prove her own worth. She wants to prove that she does not need any help, especially not from men. She wants to get stronger as a fighter. She wants to be able to make a living with her fists.


    Starting Stats

    Health:  10 and 2 from earth
    Magic:  10
    Stamina:   10
    Strength:   10
    Agility:    10

    Weapons:    0
    Hand-to-hand:   20


    History: Growing up her whole life Shana was looked over by the men in her life. First it was her father and then it was her teacher and mentor. Eventually it ended up being her boyfriend. He betrayed her though when there was a break in. He ran away and let some pretty bad things happen to her. Since then she has been independent and she doesn't trust anyone.

    RP Sample: Shana entered the Capitol of Humus and a guard walks up to her. He tries to help her out and hand her some kind of token. She brushes his hand away from her. "Leave me alone, I don't need your handouts. I'm not some victim and I'm not in need of YOUR help."

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source: 45dragoons

    Face Claim: I don't know

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