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    Elven Steel Katana (Need you help Forty.)

    Marina Palamara
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    Elven Steel Katana (Need you help Forty.)

    Post  Marina Palamara on Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:11 am

    Name: Elven Steel Katana
    Requirements: 120 Weapon to use (Because of lack of durability and such, it is a difficult weapon to use masterfully.)
    Base/Altered: (Unsure because I don't know how Elven Steel Works
    Stamina cost: ?
    Rarity: ?
    Type: Katana
    Element: N/A?
    Materials: Elven Steel, Cloth for the handwrap.
    Weight : ?
    Range: 3ft. plus arms reach

    Base Damage: ?

    Blunt Damage Factor: ?

    Piercing Damage Factor: ?

    Slashing Damage Factor: ?

    Other Damage: None
    Level needed: 5
    Ammo: N/A
    Description: This is an elven steel katana made in Ventus. It is very light but not as durable as other steel weaponry which means it can require more skill to use.
    Weapon Rating: ?
    Price 9.5-10k gold


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