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    Wooden Tonfa (Needs Admin help and approval)

    Jaqueline Hyde
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    Wooden Tonfa (Needs Admin help and approval)

    Post  Jaqueline Hyde on Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:02 pm

    (I need help where the question marks are.)

    Name: Wooden Tonfa Pair
    Requirements: Weapon base of 15 and Agility base of 13 for adequate use.
    Base/Altered: Base
    Stamina cost: ?
    Rarity: ?
    Type: Tonfa
    Element: No
    Materials: Wood, leather wrap
    Weight : 2 pounds each?
    Range: Arm's reach

    Base Damage: ?

    Blunt Damage Factor: ?

    Piercing Damage Factor: Is Blunt

    Slashing Damage Factor: Is Blunt

    Other Damage: ?

    Level needed: 1
    Ammo: N/A
    Description: A tonfa is a skill weapon that is used to add impact to arm's reach strikes.
    Weapon Rating: ?

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