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    Mina May
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    Mina May

    Post  Mina May on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:40 pm

    First Name: Mina
    Last Name: May

    Race: Half light elf half human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Height: 4'7"
    Weight: 75
    Birthday: December 30  
    Relationships: Kana May (Mother- Alive) Max May (Father- Alive) Chi (Snow rabbit pet that Mina says is like a sister to her) Usagi (Mina's rabbit puppet that seems to be her only friend)

    Province: Iycen
    Level: 2
    Element: Water
    Specialization: She likes to use her magic to make her pet snow rabbit grow into a giant snow rabbit that she uses to attack things because she isn't much of a fighter but when she has to she prefers to rely on projectiles like throwing knives that way her enemy doesn't get too close to her, First Aid, Herbalism, Cooking, and Bard
    Vice: Ill Fated (She has extremely bad luck and trouble always seems to be around her.)

    Personality: Mina isn't much of a fighter but she admires those that like to fight. Mina really loves rabbits which is why she wears her giant rabbit jacket and her rabbit puppet. Mina has very bad luck and that does lead her to getting into a lot of fights even though she doesn't really want to fight. If Mina can she will try to team up with someone that is stronger than she is, but she also tries to say away from people due to her bad luck which makes Mina feel pretty lonely. But being lonely doesn't bother her too much as long as she doesn't hurt anyone with her bad luck.

    Mina may be 28 but she still sometimes acts and looks like a child by using her rabbit puppet
    to speak, but she also does that to try and make sure her bad luck doesn't spread, Mina is also very short. Mina can't handle scary situations and scary situations usually lead her to cry. But there are more things that make Mina laugh than make her cry. Situations that would seem scary enough to make her cry include her pet getting hurt, a new found friend getting hurt, near death experiences, and basically anything horrible that doesn't seem to be caused by her bad luck.

    Motivation: What makes Mina get up everyday is knowing that she has to take care of her snow rabbit. She also gets up because she fears that with her bad luck she might die in her sleep so she doesn't sleep very well. Mina also hopes to meet new people and gain more friends. For someone with bad luck like Mina you would assume that she would stay locked away, but no Mina has a sense of adventure that keeps her walking around and exploring areas. Also even though she has horrible luck she still wants to help out in any way that she can even if her help might lead to a bigger problems.

    Also on occasion Mina will try to look for a way to get rid of her bad luck. She wants to get rid of it that way she can actually make friends and maybe even go back home to her family. She knows her bad luck is dangerous and could hurt both her and the people around her so if she found a way to get rid of it then maybe she would be less distant with people. But every time she tries to find a way to get rid of her bad luck she ends up giving up and loosing any hope that she had of finding a way to get rid of it.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 10
    Magic: 20
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 5
    Agility: 10

    Weapons: 10
    Hand-to-hand: 5


    History: Mina always had bad luck. She doesn't know why though she is a good person. One time she did something terrible although it wasn't really her it was due to her bad luck. The thing that she did was she nearly killed her mother. For anyone else it could be seen as a freak accident but for Mina it was her fault. What happened was that when she was younger she was reaching for some food for her rabbit in the kitchen of her home and she accidentally knocked down some knives. Her mother protected Mina from being stabbed but she was stabbed instead and from that day Mina realized that her bad luck has the possibility to hurt others.

    A few years after the incident with her mother Mina decided to go and live on her own and that is exactly what she did. But even though she was keeping her family safe her bad luck didn't end there. There was one time when she was walking in the woods and she was attacked by a pack of wolves. Luckily she managed to get away from them and hide in a bush but it was still a rather scary situation but not scary enough to make her cry mainly because she was use to her bad luck causing trouble for her.

    RP Sample: Mina was walking through a forest at a rather late time because she couldn't sleep. It has been a few days since she slept due to her fear of her bad luck killing her in her sleep. Mina knew she was tired though but she kept thinking No I can't sleep right now! What if I don't wake up? Then who would take care of Chi? I can't just leave her alone... Okay look there is a tree right there maybe I can just rest for a little while. Mina sat down at the tree just to rest for awhile. However Mina ended up falling asleep until she heard a cracking noise. She looked up and saw that a branch from the tree was about to fall on her. This caused Mina to spring up and run from the tree. Chi then crawled from Mina's pocket to Mina's shoulder. Mina looked towards her little rabbit and she brought up her puppet and said in a different voice than her own "That was a close one right Chi?.. I guess we got to keep moving then. I am not going to stop and rest anymore I wouldn't want something like that to happen again."

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source: This is just an alt my 1st character is Raiden Mckaylin

    Face Claim: Yoshino from Date A Live

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    I say approved, you did all the up dates that where needed that is good.


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