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    Sabeji (WIP)

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    Sabeji (WIP) Empty Sabeji (WIP)

    Post  Yuuki on Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:42 pm

    Name: Sabeji
    Breed: Bombay
    Species: Cat
    Age: 1 year when found, currently 14 years
    Sex: Male
    Level: 1
    Weight: 8 lbs
    Height: 8 inches
    Mountable: No
    Carry capacity: Up to 34 lbs
    Element: Wind
    Specialization: Speed, agility
    Job: Scouting, messenger (at times), hunting, attacker (sometimes)
    Downside: Sabeji is smaller, so he doesn't have as much attack force as a bigger animal. Plus, with his smaller body, he is more prone to injuries.  
    Upkeep: Sabeji eats meat, which he usually can catch for himself, so he won't run away. He's too attached to Yuuki to do that. He doesn't carry any gear. Yuuki carries all of the gear.
    Personality: Sabeji is rather obedient. Of course, he had his rebellious stages, but now, he's much more docile. Mild-tempered, he doesn't get upset very easily, and like Yuuki, is capable of handling dangerous situations without too much of a fuss. He does have a habit of flicking his ear (especially the left one) when he's feeling stressed or nervous.
    Stats: 40 points to distribute in the following areas
    -Health 8
    -Magic 7
    -Stamina 9
    -Strength 7
    -Agility 9
    History: Yuuki met him on the outskirts of her village when she was 5, and he was 1, and she took him in and raised him.

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