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    Yuuki Hatake

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    Yuuki Hatake

    Post  Yuuki on Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:03 pm

    That is her black ops uniform.

    First Name: Yuuki
    Last Name: Hatake

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 years
    Height: 178.5 cm, 5' 8.5"
    Weight: 134 lbs
    Birthday: January 22
    Father - Sakumo Hatake, deceased (NARUTO)
    Mother - Unknown, deceased
    Sibling(s) - Kakashi Hatake, alive (NARUTO)

    Province: Konoha, Ventus
    Level: 1
    Element: Wind
    Specialization: Yuuki personally likes to wear her village's standard uniform, which consists of a dark green flak jacket, and dark clothing underneath, along with ninja pouches on her waist, one wrapped around her leg, a dark blue forehead protector with her village's symbol engraved on it, fingerless black gloves, and black ninja sandals, but when she's undercover as part of her village's black ops, she'll wear the standard black ops uniform. (Look above).

    Her job specialization is gun fighter.

    Personality: She's a quick thinker and an instinctive person. She treads forward with caution, especially in battle. She can handle dangerous situations well, despite their often unfavorable conditions. An easy-going and calm leader, she has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor, and a laid-back demeanor, and loves adventure. She is the type that can make friends with everyone, and if not friendship, then at least respect. She is also willing to sacrifice things important to her to save her friends from danger. She can also be very strong-minded and equally stubborn.

    Yuuki's very clever, cunning, resourceful, and fierce, along with being observant, witty, analytical, and perceptive. She is able to take just about anything around it and use it in some way that would benefit her. For example: shelter, weapon, clothes, etc. Regarding her intelligence more, she is an extremely fast thinker. Despite tending to keep a calm mask, she can be forceful and strict if she wants. She strongly believes that girls can be as strong as boys, and definitely even stronger. She herself has proved this many times.

    She is willing to sacrifice herself and face certain death for the well being of her friends, family and village without a second thought. Even in the face of death, she can keep a level mind and think clearly without panicking too much. One of her defining traits is her unwavering loyalty to her village.

    Yuuki has a rather tomboyish attitude. She hates the color pink, as well as frilly things, skirts, dresses, or anything that's too "fashionable" for her taste. She prefers a casual wear, but it needs to be comfortable. She tends to get exasperated with the other boys of her team, always berating them for their attitudes.

    As a part of her village's black ops, she was taught at a rather young age to be able to conceal her emotions. She was taught that without emotions, that was how a ninja would win. But of course, she knew that was wrong. No one, not even the coldest killer, could discard emotions. Even though she couldn't get rid of them, she kept them in check for the sake of the mission. But, she would rather throw away the mission to save a friend, rather than letting the friend die and succeeding the mission. Although, she has done that a few times because terrible consequences would have happened if she didn't. She is a killer; she won't hesitate to kill her enemies even if they're begging and crying for mercy, unless she believes that they actually deserve it.

    Motivation: Her dedication to her hometown and protecting it at all costs. That is her nindo, her ninja way. She doesn't care about becoming the new village leader (*cough*Naruto*cough*). All she wants to accomplish is to allow her village to flourish, and protect it with pride, honor (haha, not really), and dignity (yeah right XD).


    Starting Stats

    Health: 7
    Magic: 10
    Stamina: 11
    Strength: 7
    Agility: 13

    Weapons: 10
    Hand-to-hand: 12


    History: Yuuki was born to Konoha's White Fang, Sakumo Hatake, and an unknown mother. All she remembers of her is green eyes and brown hair. Her dad committed suicide before she was born, when her brother Kakashi was the age of 6. She's seen pictures of him around the house, but that's all she knows.

    Her village was (and still is) a ninja village, filled with ninjas of all different levels and ages. Of course, there are some that're just regular citizens. When she was 3, a huge beast; a kitsune monster known as Kurama (XD) struck the village into devastation. The fourth village leader stepped up to protect them all, and he and his wife sacrificed themselves for the good of the village, but left their literally newborn son orphaned, who later became a ninja under Yuuki's brother Kakashi.

    The academy was, well.. an academy where you first went (if you could get in) to learn the valuable skills about being a ninja. They taught the basics, like throwing kunai and shurikens, as well as working on stealth. Yuuki was able to get in at the age of 7, and graduated at the age of 8. She became a low-ranking ninja, and was then assigned to a team, Makoto, along with teammates Kaoru Inuzuka (and his canine partner Keroberosu) and Seiji Hyuuga, and their sensei Makoto Namikaze, who was an elite ninja. Together, they formed Team 3, whose specialties consisted of stealth, tracking speed, and sensing. Kaoru was a year older than her, while Seiji was the same age.

    All 4 of them went on the lower D-class missions, until they were able to become middle-ranking ninja, Yuuki was at the age of 9  then. Now that they were a higher rank, they were able to go do harder missions, such as a C-rank mission, and sometimes rarely, even B-rank missions. After a few more years, they were all promoted to elite ninja, although Yuuki became one a year before them. Obviously, that wasn't the end. A rival village, known as Suna, attacked and invaded, also bringing a large.. raccoon monster with them. They were all forced to fight off invading ninja, and of course, succeed, because they're magical. But that happened after Yuuki joined her village's black ops team.

    Her team joined the black ops when Yuuki was 14, for reasons they're going to keep to themselves. They became part of the assassinations unit, and were given codenames. Yuuki became known as "Cat," Kaoru was "Wolf," Seiji was "Eagle", and Makoto was "Bear." Makoto was their team captain. And stuff. I could write more, but..... yeah.

    RP Sample: Ariko ran up, slapping a mission down on the coffee table. "Guys, guys guys!" he shouted excitedly. "We need to go on this mission!" Yuuki looked up from her book, to peer at the mission. It was stealing back a sword for a client that a large group of bandits had stolen. "Doesn't look too hard," Dragon Storm's leader admitted. "Pays pretty well, too." She stood up, snapping her book shut. "I'll do it. Anyone else?" Alyssa shook her head apologetically. "Sorry, Yuuki. Can't do this one. I'm already about to go on a mission right now." Smile Dog just shrugged. "No thanks," he said. "I'd like to continue my reading. Maybe next time." Nightingale smiled and stood up. "I'll join you guys," she said. "It sounds promising." Yuuki nodded, and glanced at her teammates. "Let's go, then."

    Soon enough, they were walking through the woods. The bandits were said to be located in a clearing in the middle of the forest, and the forest was.. well.. rather big. It would be more than 2 miles of a walk. "We should speed up," Yuuki urged. "We shouldn't waste time." They nodded, and began a light jogging speed. The clearing slowly came into view, and they ducked under a few bushes. Yuuki leaped onto a tree branch to get a better view. She surveyed the group carefully, making out every figure out there. Of course, the bandits were idiots, and didn't notice her presence, or she just disguised it really really well.

    She leaped from the branch quietly, landing next to her teammates. "Alright. I have a plan." She grabbed a nearby stick and drew an x. "That's where the main group of bandits are stationed." She drew a few more x's surrounding the biggest x. "These are where the other bandits are placed, as guards. I can sense them surrounding us. Not too far off, less than 1/4 of a mile." She drew a circle below the big x. "This is where we are," she stated, tapping the circle, before drawing a line towards the x on the western side. "Ariko, you'll go over here and take out this group. Nightingale, you take the other side. I'll take the norther side right here. But first, I'll cause as distraction so you can be on your way. Besides, this distraction will attract more bandits, and we'll be able to finish them off easier. If you can't kill them, drive them towards the clearing." She took out a few kunai with paper bombs attached, and through them with deadly accuracy. They landed, surrounding the bandits, who looked at them in confusion, before they exploded in their faces, causing a massive, orange explosion. "Here are some communication devices. Notify us when you're done. Now, let's move!" she hissed, and disappeared with a flicker, using the body flicker technique.

    Arriving at her camp, she stood on a tree branch surveying the scene. Bandits were all over the place. Some were sword fighting, while others were stabbing.. a... thing rather viciously, its guts and blood flying all over the place. At least 10 are gathered in that large tent in there. Alright. This should be pretty simple. She chucked a shuriken at the nearest bandit. It hit the middle of his forehead perfectly, and he fell over dead, completely startling his companions next to him. They drew their weapons and gazed around nervously. Yuuki could even hear one take a gulp. "C-come out, wherever you are!" one called meekly. "W-we're not scared of you!" Yuuki was a blur. She was instantly behind them, their necks slit. No time to react, they fell over, shock written all over their faces. The rest of the bandits came piling out. "It's just a girl! Get her!" Yuuki smirked. "Wrong answer." As they charged, she moved into action.

    One bandit slashed at her, but she easily caught the blow with her fingers, before plunging her katana deep into his gut. The next one was about to slam a hammer down the top of her head, but she back flipped in the air, her katana changing into a pistol and shooting the guy in the head. Of course, the next one was a female bandit. Her eyes were wild and crazy, and her blond hair flew behind her in a mess. Yuuki had to admit, she wasn't too bad, but she was slow, and her movements were sloppy. Yuuki dodged her swings, before severing her head from her body in one quick movement. This continued on; her dodging blows, cutting bodies in half, shooting bandits in the head, slitting necks. Soon enough, they were all dead, or severely injured with absolutely no chance of surviving. Yuuki's pistols reverted back into their normal shape, a pair of twin sais. "What a pathetic group." She hadn't even needed to use 1/4 of her true strength. She turned on her communicator. "I'm done. I'll be heading back to the clearing now." And with that, she disappeared.

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source: I found this through Forty (is that the right place to put it?)

    Face Claim: N/A

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    Re: Yuuki Hatake

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    Well two things stick out.

    1. You have no jobs please put in two jobs your character does have.

    2. Guns are a rare weapon and there is only one gun trainer who can teach you the gun shooting job. guns on here are powerful so they are regulated.... Specialization you just list what weapons and jobs you will be good at using even armors.


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