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    a matter of pride. [animation personified]


    MOP Admin

    a matter of pride. [animation personified]

    Post  MOP Admin on Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:23 am

    For ten years now, a new king has reigned, the people of Bastion suffering under his cruel commands since the death of his brother and nephew Rumors of a growing group of rebels, living in the legendary Vale of Magic and planning to dethrone the new king have long circulated among the populace. There are even whispers that the king's nephew, the crown prince and true heir to the throne of Bastion, is still alive and part of the rebellion.

    But a greater threat has begun to emerge. All over the kingdom, people have begun to disappear without a trace, and Fearsome beasts with strange powers have begun to attack towns near the outskirts of the kingdoms. The king has begun to blame both on the alleged rebels, turning his attention towards stamping out any presence they may have in the kingdom, and sending his men out to hunt for any sign of them in the wilderness beyond. But with the attacks coming more and more often, and more and more people disappearing, unrest and resentment towards the king is only growing...

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