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    Attor [WIP]

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    First Name: Attor

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 155
    Birthday: August 5th
    Relationships: (family? cousins?)

    Province: Lymphae
    Level: (will instantly be one)
    Element: Poison (Water)
    Specialization: (what kind of weapons or magic style do you use? Put your jobs you choose here.)

    Personality: (a few lines are ok, nothing really in-depth is needed)

    Motivation:(pretty much what makes you want to wake up or stay in bed all day?)


    Starting Stats

    Health:  5
    Magic: 17
    Stamina: 10
    Strength:  5
    Agility: 14

    Weapons: 18+2
    Hand-to-hand: 1


    History:  Before the current King of Lymphae came to power, the ruler of Lymphae was much different.  Rather than ruling with absolute power, he elected to have a handpicked council to help him with decisions.  One of these council members was Moelwyn.  Moelwyn was a wise man and he also happened to be the court wizard.  Of all the advisers the king trusted his word the most.

    Whether it was War, Agriculture or Trade it was Moelwyn that the king went to for advise first.  This of course led to jealousy from the other advisers.   However, nothing ever came of it as over time, Moelwyn's advise was always exceptional, with one excepion that is.  The king's throne of Lymphae, as far as History goes back, has always been decided through battle.  Once the king lost in a one on one duel, he lost his throne to the challenger.

    One day a challenger came barging into the King's Court.  His clothes were worn, his body scarred and his beard matted.  For all of these negatives however, he was muscular, well armed and had a fiery look in his eyes.  The king laughed as the challenge was made, assuming that this man was a witless brute.  He turned to Moelwyn and almost jokingly asked for his advise as to how he should handle the challenger.

    Moelwyn seemed to share the changes reaction as he responded that the king shouldn't even worry about getting his armor as the fight would be over before the challenger knew what happened.  The fight was over before many people knew what happened alright.  The challenger had better form than the king and neither had armor.  As a result the challenger quickly killed the king with his blade, breaking the king's sword with one vicious slash.  The slash followed through and into the king's stomach, slashing deeply into him and spilling his guts onto the floor.

    The challenger spared the Council of the old King but he also exiled them from the Capitol.  This in and of itself was not overly bad for Moelwyn.  What was bad however, was that everyone found out about his half joking council to the king.  Paired with the fact that the new king was a much harsher ruler, people ridiculed Moelwyn extensively.  Must of those that didn't ridicule him loathed him, even going as far as to call him a traitor.

    This made it hard for Moelwyn to get work and although he had built up a pretty good savings, he was drinking it away.  He tried to cure his guilt, shame and self pity with alcohol.  Becoming a drunk only caused people to ridicule him even further.  All of this lead him deeper into alcoholism.  Seeing him so often, the owner of the tavern couldn't help but feel sorry for him and started to give him a bit of an alcohol allowance.

    Over time, the tavern owner learned that Moelwyn was a good man who had made one bad mistake.  Moelwyn and the tavern owner ended up getting close and the more time they spent together, the less Moelwyn drank.  They got so close that they ended up getting married.  After their marraige Moelwyn changed for the better and gave up his drinking.  Moelwyn and his wife had a child roughly one year after they had gotten married.

    The family was a happy one, though they were still ridiculed for Moelwyn's past mistake.  When the child was five years old something happened though.  Late in the night the families home was set fire to by someone still angry at Moelwyn.  Moelwyn and his wife made it out safe, but the child didn't come out.  Moelwyn's wife was distraught at this and she ended up running back into the burning house to get their child.

    When she got back outside with her boy the sight was not pretty.  The boys face was burned badly and his mother fared far worse as she was covered in severe burns.  In the early morning, as the sun began to rise, she succumbed to her injuries and died.  She was likely to have been saveable, if the local healer had been willing to cure her.  He had also been the Court Healer however, and he was one of the most bitter about the incident leading to the old king's death.

    The child survived, though he ended up with permanent burn scars across his face.

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