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    Pure Mage (Special)

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    Pure Mage (Special) Empty Pure Mage (Special)

    Post  Mr. Von Ronsenberg on Mon May 04, 2015 4:42 pm

    Pure mages start with only Mage and Enchanting as jobs. Mage is just a title in that case.

    Mages starting stats have extreme magic and low other stats = Health - Max. 5, Stamina - Max. 5, Magic - Min. 40, Strength - Max. 10, Agility - Max. 10, Weapons - 0, Hand to Hand 0.

    Their weapons are unique Spellbooks, Wands and Staffs.

    Their spellbooks are filled in by themselves. The Cover of the book is often enchanted and the paper is unique. These books, unlike typical enchanted spells require full magic cost at time of cast, but little to no stamina.

    The Novice Spellbook is handed out for free, by the 'Book of Life' shop owners, to Mages and occasionally others.

    Upon resting on the road they regain 1/4 max Magic and resting in a town gains them full magic again.

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