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    Zlatorog (WIP)

    Mr. Von Ronsenberg

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    Zlatorog (WIP)

    Post  Mr. Von Ronsenberg on Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:00 pm

    Name:  Zlatorog
    Class:  Mini-Boss
    Type:  Beast
    Height:  4 Feet to Head, 6 to tip of horns.
    Weight:  350lbs
    Health:  150-300
    Melee Def:  5
    Magic Def:  250 Ward
    Melee Attacks:  Ram, Trample, Kick, Gore.

    Platinum: Ram - 50 Blunt Damage
    Magic attacks:  Bleed and Bloom
    Speed: 25% Faster than an Agility Horse
    Material Drops:  Blood, Golden Horns, Flowers, Hooves (Normal Hooves), Hide (High Magic Resistance)
    Exp:  400-500
    Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral (Highly territorial)
    Food Sources:  Mountain and Hill Vegetation
    Found:  Mountain and Hill terrain in Humus and Ventus.
    Equipment:  Golden Horns, Hooves, Hide.
    -Heavy Armor:
    -Light Armor:
    -Cloth Armor:
    Element:  Earth
    Variant species:  Bismuth, Rhodium - Light Country. Cinnabar, Rhenium, Osmium - Fire Country.  Mercury, Gallium, Palladium - Ice Country.  Tellurium - Dark Country. Zinc/Indium - Wind Country.  Silver, Ruthenium, Gold, Platinum - Earth Country.  Beryllium - Lightning Country.

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