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    Rusted Large Mace W/ Leather Grip

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    Rusted Large Mace W/ Leather Grip Empty Rusted Large Mace W/ Leather Grip

    Post  Mor Sharog on Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:24 pm

    Name: Rusted Large Mace with Leather Grip
    Requirements: 12 strength, 5 agility, 10 weapon
    Stamina cost: 4 Stamina
    Rarity: Crappy
    Type: Large Mace
    Element: -----------------
    Materials: -------------------, Leather
    Weight : 18 Pounds
    Range: Medium

    Base Damage: 10

    Blunt Damage Factor: 10

    Piercing Damage Factor: 0

    Slashing Damage Factor: 0

    Other Damage: ---------------
    Level needed: 1
    Ammo: --------
    Description: this 4 foot long mace has seen it all from bashing human to crushing goblins, it must have been well used becuase its rusting away from the blood spilled on it. this mace craves for more blood maybe it might be smart to keep this. this weapons slow swing makes it easy to dodge unless very close. Now with a leather grip to reduce strain while using and to negate damage to self from impact.
    Weapon Rating: 20

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