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    Rizbert's Lumber Supplies

    Enye Nguvu
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    Rizbert's Lumber Supplies

    Post  Enye Nguvu on Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:50 pm

    The Minotaur walked up to what he suspected was the lumber shop. It smelled very distinct. An odd mixture of earth and sawdust. But Enye didn't mind too much. There was only one other person there besides himself, so he assumed this to be the owner of the shop. He had quite the beard and looked to fit the Lumberjack profile. "I'm here to pick up something from Gladius. The usual." He said, not quite sure that 'the usual' was. He hoped it was nothing too big. The man looked Enye up and down casually. "Gladius sent you huh? Couldn't come down 'ere himself? Well, I suppose the dwarf would be a bit busy with his blacksmithing, but still..." Rizbert replied. His voice was a bit higher than Enye imagined, but he paid it no mind. "Stay right 'ere, I'll go get the stuff." Rizbert said as he turned and went to the back of the shop. He son came back carrying a bundle that was wrapped in a cloth material. "Alright, 'ere yah go. Don't break 'em, okay?" He said as he pushed the supplies into the beasts arms. Enye nodded and thanked the man, putting the supplies into his bag. "Name's Rizbert, by the way. Spread 'er around town, I need a bit more business." He called to Enye as the Minotaur walked out of the shop.

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