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    Voices - RP Sample

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    Voices - RP Sample

    Post  Sidney Hawkins on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:23 pm

    The bandit punches Sid square in the mouth. Sid recoils and holds his jaw, his lip is cut and he slowly starts tasting the blood. Sid's eyes widen for a second and then his face goes into a neutral expression briefly before his face twists into an expression that could only be described as evil. He goes into tunnel vission focusing only on the bandit that had hit him. He then starts hearing the whispers.

    "Kill that bastard. Slice his throat. He doesn't deserve to live."

    Sid's facial expression disturbs the bandit. "What is wrong with you!?"

    Sid grins "Oh, nothing's wrong with me... I'm just hearing the voices again."

    "Voices? What are you talking about?!" asks the bandit taking a step back.

    "I'm talking about the voices telling me what I'll do and showing me what I'll do to you..." says Sid as he lunges forward. The bandit is shocked, it seems like Sid had gotten better at fighting instantly, and not only that, there was a reckless brutality about him. He was leaving himself open to attacks in order to assure that he hit the opponent harder.

    The fight doesn't last long as the bandit was not prepared for such a fighting style change. After the bandit is dead Sid falls to his knees. "It happened again. Damn it all! I thought I had this under control!" He then remembers what his mentor had told him and his brother with sick delight. 'Once you let the darkness in, you can never get rid of it.'


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