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    Weapon upgrades methods


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    Weapon upgrades methods  Empty Weapon upgrades methods

    Post  forty on Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:42 am

    Weapons have many ways of upgrading, this list shows you what each one is and how it affects a weapon.

    Reinforcing -
    This is when you add metal to increase not only mass but also alows you to make the durability much better for that weapon.

    Sharpening -
    Sharpening is exactly what is sounds like, however, over time the durability of your weapon will degrade due to the fine edge being able to be chipped away. When a better quality of metal is used, the weapon will not degrade as much when it is sharpened. It dependent on the quality of metal on how much damage is increased.

    Serration - Serations can be very dependent on metal quality if the metal is to brittle, you can't serate it if its to strong the metal is harder to serrate with out breaking.

    Adorning - Adorning is when you add say a monsters claw or have the handle made of deer antler. it affects the weapon in some form of a way making it more customed to the owner. Some monsters have a natural Sharpness or serration that can add to a weapons attack power. some time adornments can cause a weapon to become more fragile because the item might be a type of bone or leather. this some times can lower a weapons rating with out breaking the weapon it self, and are better in some cases if you have replacement parts. Say you some how adorn the blade of your sword with sharks teeth. one or two break away the quality of the weapon lowers but its not the weapons actually durability, so some adornment can be a way to keep your weapon from breaking by the adornments taking the damage over the weapons core.

    Engraving -

    Socket -

    Altering - In a way this allows one to have a weapon that does more then one type of damage. Hammers are the most common to alter as you can change it to a hammer ax, A pick war hammer, and many other combinations.

    Heat treatments -  this is skills that one develops over time through blacksmithing allowing them to make it so there weapons have more durability and retain a better sharpness in fighting but also allows them to take more stress before breaking.  This skill requires level 65 blacksmithing

    Weapon upgrades methods  Kunta_10

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