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    Enye the Minotaur

    Enye Nguvu
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    Enye the Minotaur

    Post  Enye Nguvu on Thu Feb 05, 2015 11:48 am

    First Name: Enye
    Last Name: Nguvu

    Race: Minotaur
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Height: 8' 7"
    Weight: 350 lbs
    Birthday: October 25
    Relationships: None he is willing to speak of.

    Province: Vulcani, Igneus
    Level: 1
    Element: Fire
    Specialization: He prefers to fight with heavy battle axes and weapons similar to those. Hunting, Blacksmithing and First Aid at lvl 1.

    Personality: This Minotaur loves a good mug of ale despite not being able to hold it well. He gets drunk quickly and often, and he is a "happy drunk" meaning everything becomes funny to him. Enye loves watching a good fight, and occasionally being in one. He is blunt when talking to others which can cause others to be offended at his words. Despite being easily angered by a simple color, Enye is fairly easy-going. (As far as Minotaurs go, anyway)

    Motivation: Despite his brutish appearance, Enye love tending to his plants. (Mainly cacti and other succulents, since the land is very hot and dry) Despite his love for his plants, Enye has no interest in Herbalism, but others are welcome to use his plants for a small price or favor. Red cloth (Or other red things) can be used to motivate him to engage in combat as this color typically angers many of his kind. Enye is also a tad bit greedy, so coin is a big motivator for him.


    Starting Stats

    Health – 12
    Strength – 16 + 2
    Magic – 5
    Agility – 7
    Stamina – 9

    Weapons: 20
    Hand-to-hand: 1


    History: Enye doesn't like to talk much of his history, since it was too average for his liking. Instead, he likes to make up stories about why his parents are no longer alive. If you listen closely, you can often catch him in these lies. But be careful because he may get angry if you call him out on it.

    RP Sample: Enye casually stepped outside of his home and onto the dusty ground, his large hooves making imprints as he walked. He was on his way to tend to his plants. Since they were succulents they needed little water, so Enye left his watering can where it was and went straight to the area behind his house. There were two cacti plants that were around three feet tall. One stuck straight up while the other had two growths on either side. To the right of them lay various smaller succulents. There were only five of these though. Two Aloe plants, two Adenium, which were his favorite when in bloom, and one Agave plant. It was a pitiful "garden", but he didn't mind. It was his garden, and he loved it.

    He first went to check on the cacti. The one with the growths was the one he was concerned most with. Yes, these growths were natural and he wanted to take the best care of them. He had discovered that if they were cut off at a certain size, they could be planted on their own and become their own plant. His eyes carefully inspected the plants and he gave a satisfied snort. Now it was the other cactus' turn for a check up. Enye bent down carefully to avoid touching the spiky plant. Although his eyes weren't the best, they could still he what looked like a new bump on the plant. The Minotaur was delighted! This looked like the start of another growth. Maybe one day soon, his garden wouldn't be so pitiful after all.

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    Re: Enye the Minotaur

    Post  forty on Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:48 pm

    You Are Appoved~ Very nice character.


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