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    Chandra Senka

    Chandra Senka
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    Chandra Senka

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    First Name: Chandra
    Last Name: Senka

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 130
    Birthday: October 13
    Relationships: None that she speaks of

    Province: Fayshade: Atrum
    Level: 1
    Element: Dark
    Specialization: Sword and Shield, Leatherworking, Smithing and Hunting at lv. 3

    First Vice Name:  Djinn Wild Mage Heritage
    Pro:  When hit by a spell that deals damage over 25 or more percent of her total health she gains 5 magic in the non-leveling slot.
    Con:  She cannot train any stats in the lv 1-10 training slot.

    Second Vice Name:  Uncanny Intuition
    Pro:  She has an uncanny intuition, not only is her gut feeling almost always right, she is also adept at pre-emptively reading opposing attacks.
    Con:  Her hand to hand attacks deal half damage.

    Personality:   Chandra is a pretty laid back acting individual.  She often acts ditzy and is apt to be really flirty and dress inappropriately.  She also is prone to stealing petty things.  Added together it paints a pretty negative picture of her but it's all a front.  She truly is a coniving individual that is hiding a much larger motive and much more sinister personality.

    Motivation:  At first appearance Chandra seems pretty unmotivated.  Like a lot of things though, if you go off from face value you will get a vast misinterpretation of someone's character.  She is working daily at achieving a long time goal.  She wants to help someone from her past who is in trouble.  She intends to do it by any means necesarry.


    Starting Stats

    Health:  10
    Magic:  10 + 2
    Stamina:  10
    Strength:  10
    Agility:  10

    Weapons: 10
    Hand-to-hand: 10


    History:  Chandra grew up in an Orphanage in Fayshade and lead a normal life for an orphan.  When she grew of age she left the orphanage and quickly met an individual who she admired greatly.  She travelled with him around the world ending with them being in Humus with another group of people.  One day something went wrong leading to them being forced to seperate.  Now she is trying to make it so that they can once again travel the world.

    RP Sample: She just stands behind the iron bars of the jail cell, intently watching everything that goes on outside of her cell. After a while a guard comes over. "Alright, you can leave now." She is escorted by the guard outside where she stretches and then thinks about stealing something else so that she can get thrown back in again. She hadn't been in long enough this last time.

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source:   Swampman

    Face Claim:  Drawing from Gelbooru

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    this is approved i don't see any thing wrong.


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