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    Antica Kovac

    Antica Kovac
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    Antica Kovac

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    First Name: Antica (Tika)
    Last Name:  Kovac

    Race: Halfling (Light Elf-Human)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Height: Five feet one inch
    Weight: None of your business.
    Birthday: January 15
    Relationships: Mother and Father.  Will explain in history.

    Province: Crystal Bay, Luminarium
    Level: 5
    Element: Light
    Specialization: Gunner, Teacher - Gunner

    Personality: Above all other things Antica is stubborn and ornery.  When she sets her mind to doing something she does it and people telling her she can't, or not taking her serious about it just serves to make her try even harder in spite of them.  Overall this stubborness has served her well and has lead to her improving her skills over time.  Another way it serves her well is that she doesn't give up on bounties because of it.  Even if she is forced to move on to another bounty to pay bills she will continue keeping an eye out for past bounties, not that she has any right now.

    She is very prideful and self confident while still understanding her limitations.  This pride is part of her bullheadedness though she often attributes it to inheriting it from both of he parents.  In large part because her mother was an elf and her father was a pirate.  To this day she can't imagine how they ever got together in the first place.  She is consider cute by a lot of people and she also takes pride in that.

    She is extremely loyal, to a fault some times, to her comrades.  In her life she hasn't had too many people that she can rely on with the exception being her mother and at times her father.  So when she does find someone that has her back she returns the favor as much as possible.  Because of her parents', mostly her father's history, she does not question what they have done in the past or even what they may be doing now.  This can lead to her having troubles with the guards.

    Aside to things that she is being stubborn about she is typically laid back.  She doesn't let much bother her and is pretty well humored.  She considers some forms of harrassment as a compliment rather than an insult unless they go way over the line.  Again, this is likely picked up as a combination of traits from her parents.  She also doesn't mind letting other people take the lead even though she can be a competent leader.

    She is not someone who is typically looking for a relationship.  However, she is prone to short term, teenager-like crushes on people that she meets.  This can be a prolonged thing at times but isn't on more occassions than not.  She can be a spitfire at times as wells.  While typically she is laid-back, if she is having a bad day everything can snowball and for a short time she can have a really short fuse.

    Motivation:  Antica has plenty of motivation that stems from several things.  Her parents, her line of work and also her appearance to name a few.  Her original motivation was to leave off and make a name of herself while making her parents proud.  Of course for each parent this means achieving different things.  Naturally she wanted to please both of them.

    Her mother wished for her to make a success of herself.  To her, as an elf, this meant getting to live comfortably, either through marrying into money or earning it for herself.  Antica wasn't very fond of the idea of marrying someone for money so she decied that she should earn it for herself.  She wasn't sure of a good way to do this so she had to think it over for a long time.  She finally settled on something that would make her father proud as well as her mother.

    What her father wished for her was fame and fortune, to have a child that made as big of a splash in the world as he had.  In the end she decided that she should head to the largest city in the world, Mendefera, to become a bounty hunter.  She would use a skill that her father had taught to her, the ability to use a gun.  She decided that this was the way that she would make her mark on the world.  She would try to be a world class bounty hunter.

    After starting as a bounty hunter she learned that the most important skill to learn would be self-sufficiency.  This lead her to start training in her magical abilities so that she could heal herself more and to this day that is something that she is motivated to work on.  She is quite gifted thanks to the elf blood that she has in her veins.  She's just now getting to the point where she is feeling confident in her skill.  At the same time she knows that there is room for improvement.

    The final thing that motivates her is how she is treated by clients and other bounty hunters.  They would rather have her as their night's conquest rather than an equal and she hates this.  None of them take her skills seriously which has hurt the qualities of the bounties that she has received.  She realized quickly that the only way to change their opinions of her would be to prove it with her actions.  So now, above all else, she wants to prove to ALL of them, that she is the best damned bounty hunter around.  


    Starting Stats

    Health:  18
    Magic: 18
    Stamina:  16+2
    Strength: 6
    Agility: 10

    Weapons:  1
    Hand-to-hand:  1


    History:   Born in the Port City of Crystal Bay in Luminarium, Antica had an unusual upbringing.  Her mother was a beautiful light Elf shopkeeper of a magic supply shop there.  Her father was a human pirate with manners, at least while he was in port.  Whether it came about from mutual admiration, mutual drunkeness or both, is unknown.  What is known though is that nine months after their encounter Antica was born.  

    Raised by her mother and only seeing her father between one and three times a year, she grew up much more accustomed to the elven way of life.  It was hard growing up as the other children made fun of her for how short she was.  She got in a fight at school one day at an early age and her mother scolded her and taught to be more diplomatic.  This worked well for her until her father visited her at home one day.  He asked her how things were going and she brought up the fight and that her mother had taught her to be more diplomatic.

    Hearing this her father told her that she had been right to have handled it the way she had and that diplomacy would only get her so far.  She held onto that knowledge as she grew and at the age of 10 on one of her father's visits he gave her his trusty flintlock.  She trained with it for quite some time and became pretty skilled.  To the point where she was able to help other people learn the basics.  By the time she was eighteen and ready to go out on her own she had become quite a skilled fighter and healer.

    She decided that she wanted to become a bounty hunter.  The best place for her to go and do that she figured would be Mendefera in Humus.  The main reason for this was simply because it was the biggest city in all of the known world.  It took her a while to find a proper means of transportation.  Truthfully it came to her as her father came in to port and offered her a ride with him and his crew as she was grown up now.

    The ride went a lot smoother than she had expected and her father definately had the respect of everyone that he came across.  It was much more tame than she had imagined that it would be.  He definately seemed to be a more tame pirate.  He took her all the way up to Mendefera and then they said their goodbyes.  It was a little sad for her as this was the first time she would be away from both of her parents for any deal of time.  

    Once she got to Mendefera she managed to prove herself to Desert and Rain, two of the top bounty hunters in Mendefera.  Once in with them she was able to start undertaking bounty hunting quests.  She is still trying to prove herself to the rest of them though as her appearance makes people think that she is weak.  In fact a lot of them think that Desert only likes her because of her looks.

    RP Sample:   Antica was walking out of the Bounty Hunter headquarters when another bounty hunter walks up to her with a smirk on his face.  So what did you do with Desert to get his favor?  Make out with him?  Let him see you naked?  Screw him?  I bet that's it, isn't it?

    Antica stops dead in her tracks and turns around to face him, her face already flushed red with anger.  What the hell did you just say?  IF you said what I think you did, you had better get your ass out of my sight.  As she finishes saying this, she pulls out her trusty flintlock and begins to load it.  Basically giving him until she is prepared to get out of her sight.

    As she begins loading her weapon he laughs at her.  You know what I said.  Why be so hostile?  We can have a good time too you know?  I'm better in bed than he'll ever be, Trust me.  He then makes a motion as if he is crossing his heart.  Besides, even if you were serious, you don't have the guts to shoot me here.

    As Antica finishes preparing her weapon she cocks it back and points it at him.  You'd better pray for a misfire you bastard.  No one insults me like that, NO ONE!  She then fires the pistol at the man and hits him dead in the forehead.  She smirks as he starts to say something but collapses in front of her.  

    She blows on the end of the barrel and then puts it back in the holster before starting to just walk off as if nothing had happened.  She has a content smile on her face which is a little odd for her after killing a mark.  Of course this hadn't been a mark and was likely illegal, but it felt better than any of her marks had.  She continues her walk towards the inn.  She was hoping she would be assigned a good mark in the morning.

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source: Forty

    Face Claim: Original character By Fernando Acosta at

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    Antica Kovac
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    I've just finished this app.

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    Approved, the first gunner and one of the first teachers.


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