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    Dani Ambrose

    Dani Ambrose
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    Dani Ambrose

    Post  Dani Ambrose on Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:33 pm

    First Name: Dani
    Last Name: Ambrose

    Race: --Human--
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23?
    Height: 5 Foot 3 Inches
    Weight: 125 Pounds
    Birthday: Oct 13
    Relationships: ?

    Province: Igneus is pretty much where she grew up
    Level: 1
    Element: Arcane
    Specialization: Dem Legs!, Arcane, Herbalism, Languages/Enchanting

    Vice:  Popular
    Pro:  More humanoid encounters and higher encounter rate than normal humans (+1 for group)
    Con:  More humanoid encounters and higher encounter rate than normal humans (+1 for group)

    Personality: Dani is a relatively mysterious girl who doesn't tell people much about her origins or ask other people about their's.  She is relatively easy to get along with and acts rather refined most of the time.  She can at times act scheming and bitchy when things slow down and her humor in general is either lacking or odd.  She seems oddly content when others are experiencing some pure emotions.  She is only loyal to those that provide for her and those that she sees as useful to her.

    Motivation:  Her motivation is to encourage people that she is with to follow through with their passions.  This does not necessarily mean what it might sound like.  It could mean fighting, smithing, writing or anything.  Currently she is looking for someone that can look after her for a while.  The main reason for this is that she had been at the center of some controversy in Igneus before coming here.  

    Starting Stats

    Health: 20
    Magic: 1
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 8
    Agility: 20

    Weapons: 1
    Hand-to-hand: 10


    History:  Five years ago Dani had moved into Igneus.  She lived there going from place to place.  She stayed with different people and shadowed them for times.  After a time she was at the center of a controversy where she had been seen encouraging a man to fight someone which lead to a needless murder.  Because of that she moved to Humus to start fresh.

    In Humus so far she hasn't found anyone to latch onto.  She knows it won't be long before she finds someone though, she always does.

    RP Sample:  Dani leans in close to Roderick.  Come on, you don't have to take that from anyone.  Show him what happens to people like him around here.  She says this with a smirk before looking over at the loudmouthed drunk that had called Roderick a coward.  To her surprise though, Roderick waits until the man turns his back.

    Roderick then unsheathes his dagger and creeps up behind the man, grabbing his forehead from behind and slitting his throat.  Dani cringes briefly but doesn't lose her grin.  She does however turn and walk towards the door with the grin on her face still, slipping out before Roderick knows she had and slipping out through the chaos.

    FaceClaim/how you found us

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    Face Claim:   Unknown
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    Re: Dani Ambrose

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    Approved if you hadn't guessed.

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