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    Dylana Raine (WIP man)


    Dylana Raine
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    Dylana Raine (WIP man)

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    First Name: Dylana
    Last Name: Raine

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Height: 5' 6"
    Weight: 120?
    Birthday: August 12
    Relationships: None that she lives with

    Province: Owinikara, Ventus
    Level: 1
    Element: Wind
    Specialization: Herbalism, (H2H)
    Vices:  Smoke Herbalism
    Pros:  A strong resistance to negative effects from aromatic herbalism.  Smoking herbs does not have the typical negative effect on her either.  She starts at 30 herbalism.
    Cons:  She can not have any other jobs unless she is trained in them or she pays to learn them.

    Personality: Dylana is a very peaceful laidback individual.  When it comes to fights she will not fight anyone without them first showing her that a fight is inevitable.  She hates war and conflict and tries to avoid paticipating in battle as much as possible to the extent that she moved away from Ignus solely because of this.  That being said she will aid anybody in need so long as it is not through violence or revenge.  Now that she is in Mendefera she would like to aid the city guard in determining why there is so much activity among the monster in hopes of saving future bloodshed.

    Motivation:  When she arrived to Mendefera she was alarmed to see that it wasn't just Igneus experiencing an increasing monster threat.  In Igneus it was always assumed that it was the war stirring up the monsters but currently Mendefera was in a time of peace.  Now she wants to help the Mendefera Guard conduct an investigation into the matter.  She also is considered a medicine woman for some and is willing to take the role as such.  She is also able to temporarily break droughts with the ability to draw rain out from the air.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 20
    Magic: 32
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 3
    Agility: 3+2

    Weapons: 1
    Hand-to-hand: 1


    History:  Dylana was born Yuki Fuwikara in Owinikara in Ventus to a middle class family.  As with all of the children of Owinikara she was tested for her magic aptitude at age eight and was found to possess an immense amount of magic.  She was trained to utilize this while also training in herbalism with her mother.  Eventually she found her self more into herbalism than her magic studies and she went into aromatic herbalism.  This was all fine until she started studying smoke therapy.

    As with most of Ventus most people frowned on smoke therapy as they figured that it poisoned the body and spirit which conflicted with the teachings of the trinity of purity which states that one must train to have a pure body, a pure spirit and a pure mind.  It was because of this that she was dropped as a pupil of magic arts.  She started being frowned upon and ridiculed and by the age of seventeen she moved to igneus.  The transition to the harsh climate of igneus and the long droughts were hard on her and her study of herbalism.  Due to this she started training her magic in solitude focusing on fine tuning it to an amazing degree.

    After 5 years of training she was able to concentrate moisture in the air and make it rain over her property.  This lead to her being able to farm her herbs right on property and made her one of the very few farms in the desert-like region.  This made life for her great for a couple of years and then the 'Revolution' as it was called started.  It was small at first but as it took over more towns it was highly successful at luring more people to its cause eventually leading to a full scale Civil War.  War stayed away from where she was for quite some time as she was isolated yet all of that changed upon the arrival of a visitor one day.

    He claimed to be a lost surveyor who was sent out to check property lines.  She never believed the story but she provided him with water and let him rest for a few days.  It was in this time that he learned of her ability.  He left with a small thank you and that was the last she figured she would see of him.  That is until last year, when he arrived with several other officers from the Igneus Revolution.

    They tried to sway her to join their cause because her ability to concentrate moisture in a desert would be very useful to their cause.  When she refused because of her dislike for conflict they tried to abduct her.  She managed to set light to a large stock of herbs though, causing them all to pass out and fall asleep.

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