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    Post  Koroseta Mauiliu on Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:37 am

    Name: Nuanua
    Breed: Achiyalabopa
    Species: Exotic Bird?
    Age: Newborn
    Sex: Female
    Level: 1
    Weight: 6 pounds
    Height: 2 feet from feet to head.
    Mountable: Not yet, will be when full grown.
    Carry capacity: At current size only two pounds.
    Element: Light
    Specialization: It increases the chance of finding gems from just a 6 on a 6 side to a 5 and a 6 on a 6 side. Must post if it is a five that the Achiyalabopa led to the find.
    Job: Mining.
    Downside: +1 to encounter rate. Eats gems for food, needs at least one a day which can be expensive. It has hollow bones leading to easier breaks.
    Upkeep: Due to it being born and first seeing Koroseta it is very loyal and would not run away, however, it does require 1 gem per day as upkeep or it will get sick and after two days without gems it will likely become deathly sick.
    Personality: Typically docile, it will not attack unless ordered to. It is very loyal to the owner if the owner was there at it's hatching as it will associate them as being their mother.
    Stats: 40 points to distribute in the following areas
    -Health 8
    -Magic 8
    -Stamina 8
    -Strength 8
    -Agility 8
    History: Koroseta found the egg when she was travelling between Mendefera and Ironhurst. It then hatched inside the Ironhurst Iron Mine.

    Nuanua Korose10
    Mr. Von Ronsenberg
    Mr. Von Ronsenberg

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    Nuanua Empty Re: Nuanua

    Post  Mr. Von Ronsenberg on Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:22 am

    This pet/mount is approved

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