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    Solstice Dewitz, Fairy of Ewa'lea


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    Solstice Dewitz, Fairy of Ewa'lea

    Post  SolsticeEquinox on Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:04 pm

    First Name: Solstice (first name goes here)
    Last Name: Dewitz (last name)

    Race: Fairy
    Gender: Female
    Age: (What would be a suitable age, Forty/Von?) I'll say 75 for now...
    Height: Three feet (Equivalent to thirty-six inches)
    Weight: 30
    Birthday: March 14th
    Relationships: Dead/Unknown

    Province: The Long Forgotten, Ancient City of Ewa'lea
    Level: One
    Element: Water/Ice
    Specialization: (Can she have a weapon with her already or no?) She specializes with daggers and bows.

    Personality: Loud. She attempts to make people laugh, though is bad at it. She has a tendency to blurt out random things when bored. She can sometimes be rather serious, quiet, or happy.
    Motivation: Living out the proper life of a fairy, as her teacher in Ewa'lea had said.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 70
    Magic: 70
    Stamina: 70
    Strength: 70
    Agility: 70

    Weapons: Going for a blue-hilted dagger and a bow.
    Hand-to-hand: ?


    History: She was living in the olden city of Ewa'lea, being taught by her mentor. She lived a happy life until troops of Leae decided to destroy them. She and a few other fairies escaped alive.  

    RP Sample: Fast: Solstice crouched down behind a rock, a rain of arrows shooting around her. She sighed and creeped through the ruble, knowing that the Leae would soon finish with this once beautiful kingdom. She was careful to not make any noise, attempting to escape flashes and clinks of blades.

    When My Muse is Up, up, up (Same scenario as that^): Solstice crouched behind a pile of ruble and rock, made of the once beautiful kingdom of Ewa'lea. She stood up, her back in a hunch to not be seen, and crept into a building that hadn't been destroyed yet. As she did so, she attempted to avoid the loud clinkings of blades and flashes of weapons that passed near her. Shivering, she pushed herself as far against the wall as possible. Heavy tears streamed down her face as she put her hands over it, attempting to muffle her whimpering sounds.

    Outside eventually grew quiet. Some shouting was heard. Footsteps echoed across the hard ground and came in front of the building. They slinked forward, arms scooping her up. She screamed and tried to be set down. What if this were a member of the Leae? A voice comforted her, however, and looked up, being very small, to see her father. She wrapped her arms around his neck, still crying. "Where's mom?" She muttered shakily. He shook his head. "Your mother... is gone..." He said.

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