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    Comfy leather boots

    Tokara Shire
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    Comfy leather boots

    Post  Tokara Shire on Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:14 am

    Name: Comfy leather boots
    Requirements: None, in order to make these at least 45 leather working.
    Type: Leather
    Rarity: Awesome
    Materials: 4 pounds of Tough leather each boot
    Weight :4 pounds each
    Base Damage damage resistance: 20
    Other Damage resistance: all magic res 5/1 ratio if aimed at feet.
    Level needed: 4
    Description: MAN! these are some comfy durable boots, it feels like your walking on air, only thing is they don't breath well. so warn your party before taking them off in hot lands when setting up camp if you don't wear socks. theses boots where made for walking and running not combat. running costs No stamina for these boots for short distances.
    Armor Rating: 40
    Blunt Damage resistance:  5/2-40
    Piercing Damage resistance:4/2-40
    Slashing Damage resistance : 6/2-20
    Covers: both feet 12, 16 and 1/4th up 11, 15

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    Re: Comfy leather boots

    Post  forty on Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:57 pm

    Approved, the cost will be 50K gold, meaning 50,000


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