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    James Astaire

    James Astaire
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    James Astaire

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    First Name:  James
    Last Name:  Astaire

    Race:  Human
    Gender:  Male
    Age:  24
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 150
    Birthday:  September 30th
    Father:  Captain Robert Fleming, also known as Fleming the Atrocious for the acts that he commits.
    Mother:  Jena Astaire
    Siblings:  Unknown

    Province:  Born on 'The Bloody Maiden'  Resided in an orphanage in Hammerforge which is a coastal town in Humus that is often frequented by pirates for quite some time and afterwhich he roamed the country.  
    Level:  1
    Element:  Wild Mage
    Specialization: Gloved Weapons/Fists/Weighted Clothing
    Jobs:  Ki

    Personality: James is a flippant individual who doesn't take much about life all that seriously.  He is fun-loving and at times can be arrogant about his abilities when fighting against men.  He was raised to treat women well to an extreme and as such is very polite and chivalrous towards them.  With his flippant attitude comes a general disregard of the law.  During battle at times he will refer to who his father is as a way of demoralizing his opponents.

    Motivation:  James' only real concrete motication is to live life to the fullest while seeing as much of the world as possible.  Also, he wishes to assist any woman that he may meet and to be as chivalrous as possible.  Because of his heritage and the nuns at the orphanage wanting to avoid him from following his father's footsteps he was taught that every woman is a flower to be protected from the world and nurtured as much as possible.  As a follower of Phoebe he is also very honorable towards most people.  While his morality may not be good towards those he does not know he is someone that is very good on their word and if he tells someone that he will do something he will do all that is in his power to do it.


    Starting Stats

    Health: 10
    Magic: 10
    Stamina: 10
    Strength: 10
    Agility: 14

    Weapons:  1
    Hand-to-hand:  15



    24 years ago a passenger ship in the Straight of Grelbur was raided by the feared pirate known as Fleming the atrocious.  All of the men were killed and most of the women were as well.  The pirates preceded to take all of the loot from the ship which for this crew also meant any attractive women on the ship.  Those women always met a fate that to most was worse than death.  One of the women on this particular ship was an aspiring traveling merchant named Jena Astaire.

    After being taken as slaves each of them were 'broken in' by the captain.  He took a liking to Jena during this because of her rebellious spirit.  It wasn't long before she showed signs of pregnancy.  Captain Fleming wanted to force her to have an abortion done by one of the crew members with a crude blade.  The prospect of this terrified Jena.

    Fortunately for her it also terrified the Captain's first mate, Roger Stevens, who had never agreed with many of Fleming's methods.  He sat down with the Captain and covinced him that there would be a high chance of her dieing if they did such a thing aboard the ship.  The Captain listened to him a little and changed his mind saying that he would wait until after she had given birth to the child before he would kill it.  In truth Roger had become smitten with Jena and as often as he could he would try to protect her.   With the captain being  so fond of using her he couldn't do a great job of that without it being considered mutinous.

    Some months later it was obvious that Jena was close to giving birth and Jena desperately wanted to save her child from being murdered at birth.  Not wanting her to be crushed by this Stevens convinced Fleming that they needed to enter a port to restock supplies.  Roger worked out a plan to get the child to an orphanage in the port and told Jena of it.  Having heard the plan Jena decided to write a letter explaining about the child and it's birth and giving the child two names, one for if it were a boy and one for if it was a girl.  The child would either be known as Grace or James Astaire.

    The night before they figured to arrive in port Jena's water broke and she started having contractions.  It was misfortunate timeing as she was in labor through the night which came to the attention of the Captain.  Stevens tried to convince the Captain not to kill the child, that maybe he could become a cabin boy or something but Fleming refused.  When Stevens pushed it further the Captain looked at him and grinned.  He said, "It would appear that you've become soft Stevens, I think I'll give you the duty of killing the child.  It might harden you a bit again."

    Stevens had frowned at this at first but he was quick to work out a plan.  He took some bags of flour and emptied them before partly filling a small one.  He arrived where jena was giving birth just as she did give birth to a baby boy.  As soon as the baby boy started crying Roger and Jena started their little act trying to fool the Captain.  He wraps up the partially filled one once the baby stopped crying.

    They staged an arguement and made it sound as if he had killed the baby before he went topside and threw the wrapped up partially filled sack of flour overboard.  In the night there was no way to really see what he had thrown overboard though it looked the size of a baby.  In the meantime Jena tried to keep James content so he wouldn't cry.  The next day when they got into port, Stevens himself snuck off with the child to an Orphanage in Hammerforge when they got supplies.  It was that day that James was taken in at the orphanage.

    It was a boring life in the Orphanage but the caretakers were really nice.  The only problem James had was getting along with the other kids.  He was constantly getting in fights and by the age of 13 he had ran away from the orphanage.  Life was tough for him during this time but he started coming into his unique abilities during this time too.  He never could find anybody else with his ability so he took time traveling from town to town training his skills.

    RP Sample:

    James scoffed at the so called great summoner that he was facing. "Is that all you got? This little green guy ain't got nothin' on me!" He says with a voice filled with bravado while pointing at the weird little green man. He charges the little green guy and goes to kick him in the midsection but he jumps up and hugs onto James. He grips around James with his arms and legs and blathers excitedly in a random sound before he starts to glow and blows up.

    James collapses to the ground and passes out and the summoner steals everything he can off from James before leaving. About 6 hours later James is found, naked on the ground and covered in wounds. He is taken to Mendefera to recover.

    FaceClaim/how you found us

    Source:  Sidney

    Face Claim:  Yamcha:  Dragonball
    James Astaire
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    All done, I'll request that Forty be the one to look this over and I will work on Ki as a fighting style that takes up your job slots.

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    LOL,,, yamcha this is approved.


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