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    material template?


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    material template? Empty material template?

    Post  forty on Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:13 pm

    Name: Iron
    Material type: Metal
    description: Iron is a common metal used in weapons and armor making, while its common in weapons and armor its not very strong and cant keep a strong edge on a bladed weapons.

    Upgrade Uses: increases durability and increases mass for sharpening, and other useful upgrades.

    Upgrade bounuses:
    Durability- 4
    blunt res- 1
    slash res- 3
    Pierce res- 2
    element res- 0

    ?? pound(s) Renforcing durability- 2
    Blunt- 3
    Pierce- 1 loose 2 durability
    Slash-1 loose 2 durability

    Damage res ratio:
    Blunt 1:1
    Pierce 2:1
    Slash 3:1
    Fire 1:1
    Water 0:1 (you take all damage to your health)
    Air 1:1
    Earth 1:1
    Light 0:1
    Dark 0:1
    Lightning 0:1
    Other 0:1

    material template? Kunta_10
    Falabella Shire
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    material template? Empty Re: material template?

    Post  Falabella Shire on Sun Mar 16, 2014 12:26 pm

    upgrading weapons, not new creations.
    when it reaches a new rarity, it gets a bonus damage depending on what metal it started as (its core metal), also it rounds up your durability to the next 10th number (durability 32 = 40, durability 9 = 10, etc.)
    adding 2 lb of any metal = 1 energy cost

    <1lb-3lb = 3 damage per lb (p,s)
    4lb = 2 damage per lb (p,s)
    5lb+ = 1 damage per lb (p,s)
    (B) = 3 damage per lb
    when upgraded to the next rarity, adds 2 damage in addition to any upgrades you did to it. (don't add durabilty to this since it gets rounded up to nearest 10th number anyways)

    must be allowed with another metal
    adds to durability 1lb = 5 durability
    only adds blunt damage, 4 damage per lb of gold (not including the other metal)
    1 of the metals that can damage non-corporeal creatures (ghosts and the like)
    complete covering of a weapon takes twice the weight in gold to cover the other metal (10lb iron maul takes 20lb gold to cover the entire thing)

    add silver to a weapon = +2 durability per lb if planning on sharpening for peirce/slash, +4 damage per lb to blunt
    sharpen it for peirce/slash = +4 damage per lb to peirce and slash, -2 durability per lb



    Natural Steel

    Dwarven Steel

    Elven Steel

    Monster Metal

    Dragon Bone




    Rare Space Ore

    Fire Metal

    Rock Metal

    Air Ore

    Water Ore

    Black Steel

    Light Ore

    Lightning Crystal

    Arcane Metal

    +1 Magic, +10 (making it 30) Bard
    5 Damage Resistance, 5 Magic Resistance, 1 Fire Resistance
    Claws MM - 13, Spikes MM - 13, Damaging Needles MM - 9

    There are Damaging Needles - MM weaved into her corset, giving her additional Defense, when hit they will break when they reach the Rating #.  10 in front, back, and each side, with 4 reg Damaging Needles in front and 2 on each side and back.  As I throw them, I will state which area I take them from.

    Book of Falabella - to see my equipment and abilities/spells

    material template? Falabe10

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