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    Upgrading rules (weapons) (wip)


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    Upgrading rules (weapons) (wip)

    Post  forty on Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:47 pm

    Sharpening limits on upgrading
    - sharpening will reduce the weight of your weapon by 1/50 of your weapon's weight (meaning a 50lb weapon would lose 1 lb)
    shit -> crap = doesn't matter since only 1 upgrade needed
    crap -> decent = only 1 time
    decent -> average = only 2 times
    average -> uncommon = only 3 times
    uncommon -> awesome = only 5 times
    awesome -> created legendary = only 7 times
    unique -> created legendary =only 5 times
    created legendary -> cosmic = only 10 times

    added damage with sharpening
    +1 every time, plus 1 more for every 5lbs your weapon is (4lb or less = 1, 5-9lb = 2, 10-14 =3, etc.)

    - causes bleeding damage when used against cloth armor that is weaker than your weapon or skin
    - only once per rarity
    bleeding damage depends on how deep their make their serrations
    1cm-3/4in = 4 pts for 4 posts
    3/4in-2in = 4 pts for 12 posts

    how to serrate a weapon more than once, you need to create serrations within your serrations, or serrate it a different way or something...  every time you serrate it an additional time, it adds 3 more posts of bleeding to your bleeding damage length.

    if you just do serrations on a weapon without previously enhancing it with adding on metal or 'thickening' it, it will weaken your rating

    after 3 times of adding serrations to your weapon, you get a special ability called 'Rend'.  able to take off limbs (certain exceptions apply)

    this upgrade has no limit to how many times you can do it, just only that you can only do this with weaker or same material. as an example you cant reinforce a iron weapon with steel but you can renforce a steel weapon with iron.

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    Re: Upgrading rules (weapons) (wip)

    Post  Tokara Shire on Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:55 pm

    going to change the sharpening to the metals base sharpening upgrade, and have a set amount of durability is lost.

    serrations will decrease durability by 1/4th the full durability.

    Meteor Sword deals 400 damage

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