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    Racial ability bonuses WIP


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    Racial ability bonuses WIP Empty Racial ability bonuses WIP

    Post  forty on Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:50 pm

    Minotaur: rage:


    Horse power: a centaur gets to choose between speed, endurance, agility or normal horse skills and while on flat terrain like roads or grass fields it cuts travel time for road travel by 10 posts, fields travel 5 when in a party.

    Weapon masters: centaurs can train to 1 point in to weapon skill instead of .5.

    Oger/ troll: Over sized weapon: these large humanoid creatures must use large weapons. But get a 10% bonus in damage.

    Ogers: Savage magic: because most ogres and trolls live in primal villages there magic is less refined, at the cost of 25% more mana cost all magics spells do 10% more damage.

    Trolls: Primal Rage: Trolls are the most brutish race making them very hard to reason with. At the cost of 25% more stamina each time they hit with a weapon they do 15% more damage rounded up.

    Goblin: Moral boost: goblins are not the brightest but know how to boost moral. They can once per day recover party members stamina by 25% of each party members normal stamina stat.

    Orc: Hagglers: orcs are great hagglers they can haggle with shop keeps to get items for less or sell items for more.

    Dwarf: Dwarf Might: dwarfs are able to carry 7 pounds to 1 strength.

    Dwarevn Smithing: when a drawf blacksmiths they

    Elves: Forested traveler: elves are able to decreases Post amount by 10 posts if traveling though forests and not roads. This counts for the whole party and does stack once. Meaning two elfs can reduce travel by 20 posts.

    Light Elf: Herbalisum masters: light elves are able to make potions 25% stronger then other races at level 100 they make them 50% stronger. Also they gain 2 points 15-50 and 1 point 51-100 of herbalisum.

    Dark Elf: Enchanting masters: Dark elves are master enchanters and don’t need double magic to cast an enchantment. Also any enchantment they do is 25% more stronger

    Human: Klutzy: human encounter rate is +2, making human party’s more likely to have encounters or discovery’s. There is no way to reduse this rate.

    Charisma: humans are able to defuse situations with humanoid like creatures, ranging from fight encounters to a random bar brawl. Only if they say the right words.

    Racial ability bonuses WIP Kunta_10

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