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    Rarity's and Upgrade limits


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    Rarity's and Upgrade limits

    Post  forty on Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:44 pm

    Rules on Upgrading

    When working on a piece of Gear, you do not need to make a new Template until it has been upgraded enough to increase it's Rarity (Example: Shit needs to be upgraded once to be turned into Crappy, so it needs a new Template after 1 post.  Crappy needs to be upgraded twice to be turned into Decent, where it would need a new Template)

    You need to make note of everything you did in your upgrading posts in your new template (Example, I sharpened it to increase it's damage by 1, I smelted more metal on it to increase it's weapon rating/durability by 10).  

    So, New template only when it's Rarity goes up a level and you need to write everything you did to upgrade it.

    Unique, Plot and Legendary are Rarities that you cannot upgrade into, they are created as is.  Plot cannot be upgraded at all by player, but Unique can be upgraded to Created Legendary and then Cosmic and Legendary can be upgraded to Cosmic (see more down below)

    Repairing damage does not count as an upgrade.  An NPC can repair Damage of Rarities from Shit to Unique.  At Unique and Awesome, upgrades must be performed by a player.

    Stuff from the Different Monster Classes that is in a Rarity that is NOT Unique is metal/leather/cloth taken and smelted down and forged to form something else (or else it would be Unique if made without smelting, same with the Leather taken, or hair woven, etc.)


    Things you can find everywhere that are level 1 items and gear.  just because it's Shit, doesn't mean it isn't useful.  Shit items and gear are damaged in some way.  Can be an Item or Gear that was higher Rarity that was damaged and not fixed.

    damaged items... examples, tattered rope, chipped vial, water flask with a hole in it... ect.

    Gear: (Armor and Weapons)
    Any gear that is damaged or broken and not fixed is considered Shit.  Must be worked with Once to be fixed to be usable to be upgraded to be Rarity Crappy (this is like the stuff you are given when you start out) or whatever Rarity it was before it was damaged (you have an Awesome Sword that got damaged, while it is damaged it is Shit, but once it is fixed it is Awesome again... but repairing it did not count as upgrading it from Awesome to the next Rarity)

    Undamaged Items and Gear that are made from the lowest level materials (Iron, Cow Leather, Cotton)

    Regular rope, pickaxe, etc.  Low level things that you can buy and use at level 1

    Gear: (Armor and Weapons)
    Plain Gear, made from the lowest level of Ore, Leather, or Cloth (Iron, Cow Leather, Cotton).  This gear has no special abilities and most is creatable and wearable at level 1.  Example is a Dagger, a Leather Shorts, etc.  Must be worked on 2 times to be upgraded to Rarity Decent  

    Not bad, not Good, but it gets the job done for now.  Stuff that is for around a level 3 character or higher.

    Minor potions, wolf pelt blanket, flint, etc.  Stuff slightly better than level 1, but still not that great.

    Gear:(Armor and Weapons)
    Armor and Weapons that are created from Common and Uncommon Animal Classes (metal, teeth, claws, hair, pelt, hide, etc.), Common Ores (gold, silver, hematite) and Wool.  Must upgrade 5 times to become Rarity Average.  

    It's all right but nothing too special... good for a level 5 and up character.

    Metal wire, rope cored with metal wire, fire starter (makes starting fires easier than kindling), sharpening stone, etc. etc.

    Armor and Weapons made from Mini Boss Class (metal, teeth, claws, hair, pelt, hide, etc.),  Natural Steel/Steel/Dwarven Steel, Canvas.  Must upgrade 7 times to become Uncommon Rarity.

    Stuff's getting better, more diversity to the gear.  Good to use for a level 6 character or higher.

    Fairy Dust, Light Stone Torch, Strong Potions, Troll Nose Hair, etc.

    Armor and Weapons made from Rare Animal and Common Boss Classes (metal, teeth, claws, hair, pelt, hide, etc.), Dragon Bone, and Hemp Cloth.  Must upgrade 7 times to become Awesome Rarity.

    It's Awesome... 'nuf said

    Blue Fire Ember, Spell Book, Gems, Elixirs

    Armor and Weapons made from Rare Unique Creatures (metal, teeth, claws, hair, pelt, hide, etc.), Platinum and Titanium, all Elemental ore, Fleece and Velvet.  Must upgrade 15 times to become Created Legendary Rarity.

    Unique not an upgraded item, it is a Created item that starts at Unique.  Must be found in nature or created and upgraded using the secret skill that some higher level Blacksmiths or Tailors/Leatherworkers have.

    Something that is created naturally, or smelted and shaped by using the secret skill, Example would be a frying pan that is made from a lava rock that has been chiseled away to gain its shape, Rope made from Unicorn Hair, etc. etc.  Items are things that are not weapons or armor, some Items can be used as a weapon but it is not their main purpose.

    Gear (Armor and Weapons):
    It can be made by an NPC, but to upgrade it to the next stage, it must be done by a player, either yourself or another.  Cannot upgrade to Plot or Legendary, only to Created Legendary and then Cosmic.  Must be upgraded (worked on) 10 times gain the next level of Rarity of Created Legendary (less than Awesome to Created Legendary because you can only use that specific creature's materials. If you add in different materials, it'll downgrade you to Awesome and you will need to start the 15 upgrade posts from that point on).
    The only way to upgrade, or repair these kinds of weapons and armor is with that creature, example: horse killer armor can only be repaired with horse killer metal which is considered monster metal.  
    This kind of Gear gets a skill based off the creature they are made of, talk to admins when making an armor set or weapon out of a single creature.  Be careful when upgrading or changing the weapon... you may loose it's ability if you change it too much (Ex. adding in another monster metal)
    Armor: must be created 100% from single type of creature.  Must be a set of at least 2 pieces and cover 60% of your body to get a unique rarity
    Weapon: must be 100% from the creature, like a talon or tail, etc.  Cannot be a metal from a creature that is smelted down and made into something else.  Can add a handle or something like that to make it usable.    

    There are only 7 Weapons (no armor) in this Rarity, 1 per Element (none for Wild Magic). They are given by Event Roll. Once someone of a specific Element has a Plot weapon, no one of that Element can get a Plot Weapon. (Lightning and Water are taken, so no one of Lightning or Water can get one)

    Yet to Be Determined

    Never Dull, Never Break. Given through an Event Roll. Once someone has a Plot Weapon, they are part of the Plot of The 8th Continent

    Items and Gear thought to be long gone from the World and spoken of as Myth. Long ago, there were Men and Women strong enough to be worshiped as Gods, these are their things left behind.

    Enchanted Accessories, etc.

    Never Dull, Never Break. Given through an Event Roll, only to people who already have a Plot Weapon, or when all Plot Weapons are taken. If your Element's Plot weapon has not been taken, you will get that instead. If you cannot get a Plot Weapon or a Legendary, you will get something else instead... may not be quite as good, but you will get something.

    Created Legendary


    Armor and Weapons made from Boss Class (metal, teeth, claws, hair, pelt, hide, etc.), Iridium, Silk and Satin. Must upgrade 20 times to become Cosmic Rarity.



    Armor and Weapons made from Epic Boss Class (metal, teeth, claws, hair, pelt, hide, etc.), Rare Space Ore, and Celestial Cloth.


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