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    Elements and What They Mean

    These are some examples, but use your imagination please. You are free to take things to strange places if you have any off-the-wall ideas, talk to an Admin if you have questions.

    Wind - Power over wind and air. Some levitation, assists in speed.

    Earth - Power over earth, rocks, dirt, mud, dust, botanical aspects, ect.

    Fire - Power over fire, temperature, healing the ill (fever), ect.

    Water - Power over water, ice, temperature, healing, ect.

    Lightning - Power over lightning itself and what draws it, also static, nerves, electrical aspects, ect.

    Light - Power over light, temperature, healing, sight and vision, ect.

    Dark - Power over the Dark, shadows, necromancery, sight and vision, ect.

    Arcane - Everything and nothing, no Magic points are used, but your Health is. See an Admin for more details

    Wild Magic - No element at all becuase born at sea. The ability to shape shift in to one animal.

    Elemental Bonus Stats

    Only added after character approved initial stats (the ones you messed with)
    Wind - Agility + 2
    Earth - Health + 2
    Fire - Strength + 2
    Water - Weapon + 2
    Lightning - Hand-To-Hand + 2
    Light - Stamina + 2
    Dark - Magic + 2
    Arcane – ask for details, talk to an Admin
    Wild Magic - No bonus untill animal or monster is chosen.

    How the Elements Work With Healing

    The elements all have a form of healing, some can do things better then others.

    Light - the strongest and most powerful healing spells known; no other element comes close to have its range of healing effects. The healing style is using your spiritual light from inside the user, it uses the spirit to use as a guide to heal. (example, you lose an arm a Light healer can see your spiritual blueprint and rebuild your body to pristine condition, if they have the skill to do it.)

    Dark - healing is more of a life syphoning from other living things, most often trees and animal are used. So you need a life to return a life, this style is very limited to only healing health only. To be a Dark Healer you must write Dark Healer under the Specializations section of your Character Template. If you do not do that, you will be limited to 2 Healing Spells Max forever.

    Earth - rather than a life syphoning it takes the energy given off by living creatures. This healing style while limited can heal petrifaction, and is best used in large forest and grassy areas with lots of life. As a higher ranking style one can even gather the energy from the sun. Until higher levels it’s more of a self-healing style.

    Wind - while aromatic and soothing to most, it’s more for stamina buffs and is the only magic that can recover health from poison without the need for rest. Many healing magic’s from wind are meant to recover stamina during a fight or drain it.

    Water - the fastest stamina healing magic, and is the best for purging poisons. While ice magic can also be used to cure frostbite and burn.

    Lighting - can cure paralyzed people, but also great for magic that reduced the costs of stamina though buffs.

    Fire - can burn off minor poisons and can cure frostbite the better then water magic. it is also able to cure silenced people.

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