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    Name: Alicorn
    level: 7-10
    Class: Winged Horned Equine
    Type: Rare Unique
    Height:From shoulders down 5 feet-7 feet.
    Melee Def:300
    Magic Def:1000
    Melee Attacks:???
    Magic attacks:???
    Material Drops: Alicorn horn, Alicorn Leather, Alicorn feathers, horse meat, Alicorn hair, 4 hooves, Hollow Alicorn Bone.
    Alignment: Good
    Food Sources: grasses, carrots, apples and rare herbs.
    Found: rare in hummus and very rare in Tempesta and Ventus.
    Equipment: Only Leather and Cloth can be made into Unique Rarity Armor
    -Metal Armor:
    None. Can add materials to enhance your Metal Armor, but there is no Metal on this creature and the bones are hollow making them a Leather Classification

    -Leather Armor:
    Alicorn Leather and Alicorn Hollow Bone- + 5 over physical Resistance
    Resistance ratio. Damage-to-your-Armor-Rating:Damage-to-your-Health
    Blunt 12:2
    Pierce 6:2
    Slash 12:2
    Fire 10:2
    Water 10:2
    Air 10:2
    Earth 10:2
    Light 10:2
    Dark 10:2
    Lightning 10:2
    Other 10:2

    -Cloth Armor:
    Alicorn Hair and Alicorn Feathers - +5 over Physical Resistance with a 1:7 Physical:Magical Resistance Ratio
    Resistance ratio. Damage-to-your-Armor-Rating:Damage-to-your-Health
    Blunt 12:3
    Pierce 6:3
    Slash 12:3
    Fire 12:3
    Water 12:3
    Air 12:3
    Earth 12:3
    Light 12:3
    Dark 12:3
    Lightning 12:3
    Other 12:3

    Alicorn Horn - need to be level 7 to use

    A combination animal between a Unicorn and a Pegasus, an Alicorn has both wings and a horn; it is also called the Horned Pegasus or Winged Unicorn.  Though not as resistant to magic as a Unicorn or as fast as a Pegasus, it is still targeted for its materials.  
    Alicorns will molt feathers and horn 3 times a year, molted materials do not have as strong an effect as materials taken.  They live in groups in the high mountains, staying farther away from common creatures.  

    There are 3 stages to it's growth: newborns are called Foals and are typically a level 3 and its horn has not developed yet; in it's place is a small bump that can be harvested as a unique gem with unknown abilities.  Rarely seen without a higher level Alicorn with it.  After they have grown a year or two they are called Yearlings, these are level 7 and have fully developed their horns.  They are more startled by people and activity than older Alicorns.  The last stage of an Alicorn's growth is a Mare or Stallion, depending on gender.  These are level 8-10
    Variant species: ???


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